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Numerous Celebrities Attend Los Angeles Kabbalah Centre

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Many Hollywood celebrities have found that the ancient spiritual mysticism called Kabbalah is becoming a solution for them in their hectic, chaotic lifestyles that they have. Sandra Bernard says that she can release 80 percent of the stress in her life by going to the L.A. Kabbalah Centre on a regular basis. The Kabbalah Centre in Los Angeles is one of the oldest, established in the 1990s by Rav and Karen Berg, and today it is the central Center for Kabbalah.

So Hollywood is very close for the stars who have want to study Kabbalah. Madonna has been a follower for over a decade and has established several Kabbalah Centres, and she still goes into the L.A. Center. Sandra, Britney Spears, and Paris Hilton also have accepted Kabbalah, and the late Elizabeth Taylor and Sammy Davis were early followers.The first Kabbalah Centre was founded in Israel by Rav Ashtag. In 1922, he opened the doors for any person who was interested in studying Kabbalah to come to the Centre and study under experienced Kabbalists. Before opening this Centre, Kabbalah was only studied between high religious priests and rabbis, though Kabbalah is not a religion.

Today, less than a century later, Kabbalah Centres are open in 40 cities around the world, and anyone who is interested is welcome. Classes are held daily for students to study under the older Kabbalists; dinners are help to provide fellowship; days of volunteering are also held, so students can learn the amazing principle of helping others.The Los Angeles Kabbalah Centre participates in all of these activities as well as streams the online Kabbalah Centre, which includes meditations for fresh mind, online classes and more. The L.A. Centre is the largest in the world, and as more celebrities learn the benefits and principles of Kabbalah, more will attend the L.A. Kabbalah Centre.


An Arizona Native, Jason Hope’s Making It Big In Business And Technology

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Besides being an entrepreneur, Jason Hope bears numerous other important titles. He is a philanthropist, investor and futurist residing in Scottsdale, Arizona.

He has a deep passion for technology and strongly believes in the importance of giving back to his community. Jason is a native of Arizona who grew up in Tempe. He obtained his finance degree from Arizona State University and his Masters of Business Administration from W.P Carey School of Business in the same university.

Jason Hope believes that technology holds the future. As such, his initiatives in technology usually target a wide variety of avenues in the area of research and development. He is usually driven by the desire to develop technological products that not only improves the human condition, but also capable of bringing simplicity and enjoyment to the daily life of individuals who get to interact with these products.

Some of Jason Hope’s technological works entail development of mobile apps, gaming software, desktop software as well as devices that embrace both connectivity, as well as the power of technology aimed at improving human lives. Jason is constantly in search of fresh ways of using technology to the advantage of humans by conducting a careful analysis of technology infrastructure to identify potential trends. As a futurist, Jason works with businesses and individual entrepreneurs giving them guidelines on the right path as they plan and create innovative technical advancements.

Jason Hope knows how difficult and demanding it can be to start a business. The entire process of developing a new product and launching a completely new idea is never an uphill task. He argues that forming a business starts with an idea, and that’s just the beginning. According to Jason, getting the means to kick start the idea is the most challenging part. For this reason, he uses his business acumen to profit others by helping owners of young business to bring their business ideas to life.

Jason Hope does not shy away from supporting and cultivating the next generation of entrepreneurs as they make entrance into the world of technology. He says that most of the time, young entrepreneurs possess amazing ideas but the lack of insights and money to make them a reality hinders them. A good number of high school seniors and college students have reaped significant benefits from his students’ grants aimed at helping them jumpstart their ideas that later on become major technological breakthroughs.

Grant Hill and Company Own Atlanta Hawks.

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The long sales process of the Atlanta Hawks has finally resulted in the team being sold to a group led by Anthony Ressler. The team also includes Grant Hill and Jesse Itzler. The final price of the sale is $850 million. This turns out to be a very profitable transaction for Bruce Levenson. Bruce Levenson has began a lengthy process of selling the team which resulted in a few close calls for making the final deal. At one time, the team was predicted to sell for $1 billion or more. However, in one bid, the highest price that was offered was closer to $700 million. While this may have been a disappointing turn out, it was a good profit for UCG founder Bruce Levenson.

Things did turn around for the better for Bruce Levenson when the group led by Ressler has formed a deal which according to Forbes offered $850 million. The only thing that needed to happen is that the owners had to approve of the sale, but that was a given. The agreement of the sale was announced on Wednesday. The new owners have expressed their excitement of owning the team. They have shown respect to the process of NBA’s approval. Of course, they extended their best wishes to the Hawks for the playoffs.

The final price was said to be the reflection of the team’s strength. This is actually seen to be a good sign of not only the team, but the whole NBA market. People also think about the many media deals that could be made both locally and nationally. There is also the NBA team valuations. The final price has come a long way from the previous sales of the team. When Bruce Levenson bought the Hawks, the price that he has paid was $250 Million. The final price of this most recent sale has shown how much the team has gained in value over the years.

The team will operate under the new ownership of Grant Hill and the others from this point on. They will still provide all of the entertainment that they have always provided. From Bruce Levenson’s announcement of selling the team back in September to the final deal made for the team, it has been a long process. Either way, the final deal has proven to be worth it, even if it is not the deal that was expected.

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“Eric Lefkofsky – Always on the move”

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Eric Lefkofsky is an entrepreneur as well as a philanthropist who has made a real difference in every project he undertakes.

Growing up in Southfield, Michigan, Eric studied at the University of Michigan and graduated with honors. Afterward leaving that institution of learning, he received his Doctorate Degree in Law at the University of Michigan Law School.

He did not wait to finish school before he started pursuing business ventures. While at the University of Michigan, he started a carpet flooring business. Leaving Law School, he and a friend, name Brad Keywell, received loans from family members to purchase a clothing store called Brandon Apparel.

Lefkofsky repeated his process in multiple start-ups, including the most recognized Groupon. A global ecommerce market, Groupon linked individuals with merchants in their location. They offered people discounts and bargains on trips, services, goods and more. Eric left his CEO role at Groupon in 2015 to do more things that are wonderful.

In 2016, he co-created as well as functions as the CEO of the medical tech company called Tempus. mission is to customized health care through analyzing DNA, to fit the needs of each patient. There is no one size fit all medicine done at this place. Doctors and researchers work together to treat various cancer conditions.

Eric Lefkofsky is involved in so many community projects including:

The Lefkofsky Foundation – This organization is an umbrella for more than 50 charities, with the emphasis on children. Supporting them through education and science globally is the primary goal.

The Children’s Memorial Hospital – Eric is on the board of director at this Chicago based pediatric institution.

The Giving Pledge – This is a crusade to call wealthy individuals to give to worthy causes doing their lifetime or have a plan in place to donate their money to philanthropic initiatives after they are deceased.  Click on for more updates.

This is just a few of the activities in which he participates. It seems each year he adds more to his enterprises and charitable help arsenal.

In his spare time, Eric Lefkofsky enjoys spending time relaxing and playing with his family.

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Whitney Wolfe To The Rescue On Valentine’s Day

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It is that time of the year again. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and there are a lot of people out there that are taking this day to enjoy their romantic relationships. However, there are also tons of people who are not in relationships.

While some are content with this, it is the group of people that want to be in a relationship that is going to be hurt the most by this day. Fortunately, there is a chance for people to make the needed improvements to their valentine’s day. This chance has been made possible by Whitney Wolfe.

Whitney Wolfe has recently created a new dating app called Bumble. This dating app is very different from other dating apps in that it actually addresses some of the issues that dating apps have been known for. It also brings forth more equality among the genders. Both genders are empowered to make the first move on those that they are interested in. It also helps people connect in ways that other dating apps wouldn’t allow. Whitney Wolfe has taken the time to bring about every thoughtful change with Bumble. This not only makes it easier for people to find romance, but also be matched with people.

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For those that are faced with the possibility of another lonely Valentine’s Day, Whitney Wolfe has put together an app that takes what would’ve been another lonely Valentine’s Day and makes sure that it is filled with a lot of fun and company. People will easily find their matches. One good thing is that it also accommodates for other lifestyles. For instance, there are other sexual orientations that Whitney Wolfe has kept in mind. The same sex users can also find matches for their desires. This makes Bumble one of the best dating apps.

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The Success behind Any Banking Institution

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Banking institutions have been at the center of transforming economic growth of many institutions and cross. This has been the core in the development of corporate and financial institutions that have spearheaded financial stability among people. Nexbank has been recognized among the best and leading banks in the United States of America. As such, the president and chief executive officer of the bank John Holt has received much publicity due to his performance at the bank.

Recently, John Holt participated in the Texas bankers association’s 5th annual strategic conference. Here, he served as one of the panelists who talked more about boosting the economic challenges community banks face and how they can overcome them. This has been identified as an important forum for discussing banking challenges and has improved at a greater length the lives of people living in Texas.

Nexbank is a banking institution that was established in 1922. The bank has seen gradual growth with increased customer base over the last few years. This has been triggered by the good leadership qualities from the top most management of the bank. The bank has diversified other means of solving customer related problems like coming up with customer relationship officers.

Nexbank specializes in three major areas of financial sustainability and growth. Here, the banking institution focuses on commercial lending, commercial real estate lending and credit services. Through this process, lending institution has helped commercial entities and real estate companies to access funds for development and repay in the good time. The bank also provides flexible and low interest loan repayment conditions.

In mortgage banking, the bank has promoted many people in the development and establishment of many warehouses houses across Texas. This is one of the core business of the bank and has been bringing in more income as many people grow wary of the benefits they get from the bank.

The Accomplished USHEALTH Group Executive, Troy McQuagge

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USHEALTH Group Company’s president Troy McQuagge joined the company in 2010, he was promoted to the position of the President in February 2014. The promotion came after a successful growth in several years and positive fiscal results. He joined the company as the President and CEO in the group insurance subsidiary known as the USHEALTH Advisors, LCC. From the time he joined USHEALTH Advisors, the company has experienced record-breaking annual sales every year since then. It has been successful as result of the McQuagge utilizing his expertise in the agency platform to achieve its growth objectives while managing capital effectively and efficiency.

According to the USHEALTH Group Chairman and CEO, Ben Cutler, McQuagge has brought a lot of experience that he has gained in the industry, he continues to say that has propelled both administrative sides as well as the sales. His agency experience that is combined with years of experience of successful management of insurance companies, know-how has assisted him to improve the results of the company to the point that it is in and that what made him the ideal candidate who would guide USHEALTH Group of the company’s long-term goal of price share appreciations.

It seems that Mr. Cutler wasn’t wrong about Troy McQuagge, this is because the USHEALTH Group Inc. was named the winner of the Gold Winner as the CEO of the year in the most executive prestigious One Planet Award. These are the premier global award that seeks to honor business professionals that have illustrated excellence, these individual are from every industry from the entire world. The way to the nomination is through applying for the One Planet Award, any organization is eligible to submit the nomination that includes the private and public, both for-profit and nonprofit organization, from large corporation to small that include even startups.

To McQuagge this award was a motivation to continue improving the outcome of the USHEALTH Group Inc. He noted that it was an honor to be recognized by his peers in his esteemed industry. He said that that award belonged to everyone at the USHEALTH Group Inc. he acknowledges that his success is as a result of the combination of efforts of every individual who has given their time, commitment and dedication to achieving the company’s goals. He stated that that award was as a result of his company’s continued commitment to finding solution for the challenges that face the healthcare affordability problems for the customer through offering them innovative coverage that can progress as their healthcare needs grow.

The sponsors of these award One Planet Awards seeks to recognize companies and business professional’s excellence. There are several categories of the award this includes teams, executives, new product and services, marketing, PR, as well as communications and organization from every corner of the world.

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George Soros on Trump Administration and Future of European Union

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George Soros is mostly known as the Chairmen of Soros Fund Management and one of the richest philanthropists from the USA. With a Hungarian refugee heritage under Hitler, he was deeply affected by the upshot of a dictatorship and developed a sense of responsibility to promote and sustain democracy through advocacy and political activities on Politico in both USA and other parts of the world. He is also well known for his support of American Liberal movements as well as the Democratic party.

Besides being a business magnet and philanthropist, George Soros is also a keen author and has written some articles on economics, business as we as politics. In his recent two articles titled “Trump is a con man, and he will fail” and “These times are not business as usual. Wishing you the best in a troubled world”, he has expressed his deep concerns about international relations and trade in the face of new Trump administration and anti-EU movement on Forbes.

Soros was always in support of unifying European countries into the European Union. While it was facing some challenges from the very beginning, things have become even worst with increasing refugee crisis and economic turmoil. Such situation has led most of the nations in the European Union in a dysfunctional state and put EU on the verge of a breakdown. On top of this, it is facing threats from new Trump Administration and BREXIT as well. Hence, Soros is deeply concerned and hopes that policy makers should come forward right away if they want to save EU.

Soros is also concerned about Trump whom he remarks as an imposter and a con man. Soros is quite sure that Trump is destined to fail as he has no clear idea about this actions which are sometimes contradictory to his statements on Business Insider. Soros has always been against Trump administration, and he also stated that his cabinet is comprised of incompetent extremists and retired generals who will put democracy in the USA in jeopardy. Soros is also concerned that in future, USA will opt out from supporting democracy in other nations as well as divert international trade by extending unprecedented support to China. But he is hopeful that such a dictatorship won’t be able to succeed as US constitution and institutions will prevent him and his administration.

Soros has been a keen philanthropist right from the beginning. Since the 1970s, George George Soros has been helping black students, immigrants and unorthodox activities behind the Iron Curtain. He has donated approximately $12 billion in numerous philanthropic and political organizations to create a better society. He is also the Chairmen of Open Society Foundations that he founded in 1979. Through this organization, he is promoting democracy and non-violent reform in European countries and USA. He has a focus on agriculture, education and medical aid as well.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel Aids in Advancements of Sleep Apnea Research and Solutions

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Dr. Avi Weisfogel is Chief Executive Officer and Founder of the Dental Sleep Masters Company based in New Jersey. One of the latest increasing ways of deaths in the United Sates among the fat people is the sleep apnea. This is a medical condition which manifests itself when one sleeps. Its disorders and effects appear in a different manner to those who are in deep apnea sleep situation. For the last few years, Dr. Avi Weisfogel has worked to develop a company which ensures medical practitioners and health officers get an education in many ways through which the disorder can be treated among the people.

According to a recent study, the Dental Sleep Medicine has worked to receive many appraisals because it has bridged the gap between the sleep apnea and its solutions through dentistry as a career. According to the latest research, there is a relationship between the sleep apnea disease and dentistry. There are also many medical conditions which work to develop their manifestation through the dental sleep apnea and other medical conditions in the medical platform. Stroke and cardiovascular medical cases are the primary causes of the sleep apnea. According to the latest research by doctors, more than 89 percent of the people suffering from this disorder do not know until they are attacked with a related disease.

While these serious complications are arising in the medical field, there are new studies which work to the benefit of the people and other entities regarding this appraisal. For this reason, we can work to determine the entities through which medical partitioning and field management is imminent. Dr. Avi Weisfogel founded the Dental Sleep Medicine with the main aim to eradicate the seriousness of this illness. For this reason, we find ourselves in the middle of the serious implications which are negated in effect with the negative structuring department.The company has worked to create a new medical model which works to determine the implications posed by this disorder through shedding light among the mystical structures in the disease. In the coming years, the solution will be achieved through intense research to treating various sleep apnea conditions.

Thor Halvorssen Strives For Equal Human Rights Around The World

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It may be a dream for Thor Halvorssen to think that one day there will be no need for him or anyone to advocate for other human’s rights, but everything he does to try to make that possible is worth every ounce of his energy. Thor Halvorssen is a philanthropist from Brazil who has several foundations and organizations looking out for the concerns of other people.

Thor Halvorssen went to the University of Pennsylvania and received an undergraduate and graduate degree in Political Science and History. He has gone on to start several foundations and is asked to appear on many respected television shows like the O’Reilly factor and Hardball with Chris Mathews just to name two. He also has had his opinions published in magazines such as the New Yorker.

Halvorssen comes from money and clout and displayed his activist skills by rallying to get his father out of prison on charges of money laundering and fraud which his father was found innocent for. From this activism, he was offered a job at the International Society for Human Rights.

Thor Halvorssen then went on to found the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, The Human Rights Organization, the Oslo Freedom forum which he is currently CEO. He is also involved in the Children’s Peace Movement, and he founded the Moving Picture Institute. Thor Halvorssen is passionate about democracy and making a difference through these organizations.

He helped make the film 2081 which is a fascinating adaptation of Kurt Vonnegut’s book ” Harrison Bergeron” which is a fascinating story about everyone being equal in the future with extreme measures. The extreme measures like beautiful people wearing masks and intelligent people having a loud noise in their ear so they can’t think easily.

If there is a human rights issue to address or if you need advice in this type of subject Thor Halvorssen has the experience as well as awards and friends all over the world that admire and help Thor Halvorssen in his fight for equal rights around the world.