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Felipe Montoro Jens on the Concession in Brazil

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The Brazilian government announced that it would be making concessions through its partnerships with the National Bank for Economic and Social Development. The President of Trata Brasil Mr Edison Carlos believes that the initiative will prompt improvements in the aspects of structural areas as well as in management and resource. Mr Edison Carlos added that private businesses and the public have been working together for many years and they make up 90% of Brazil’s basic sanitization.


Mr Felipe Montoro Jens, who is an expert in infrastructure projects, noted that there is a lot of water waste. That is an issue that prevents companies in the water sector from losing a large amount f financial resource. Mr Felipe Montoro Jens stated his belief that the operations and the and needs of the citizens should be in alignment. The infrastructure specialist also made a point that the costs should also be discussed.


Mr Felipe Montoro Jens is among the most prominent investors and businesspeople in Brazil. He has amassed an exceptionally rich professional experience and has worked in many positions over the years. Mr Felipe Montoro Jens is currently working at the leading Energipar Captação S. A. and occupies the position of Chief executive officer. Mr Felipe Montoro Jens used to be a part of Concessionária do Centro Administrativo do Distrito Federal S. A. He was Chairman of the large company. Other professional experience of Mr Felipe Montoro Jens includes his position as Director of the renowned firm Braskem S. A. where he worked until 2013.


Mr Felipe Montoro Jens has an extensive set of skills which have been honed and developed over his many years of professional experience. He has written and published a number of articles about his line of work. He is a skilled leader and investor and has led the company he is CEO of to success.

New Hair Dye By Lime Crime

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Lime Crime is by far one of the most well respected makeup brands in the industry for two reasons; 1) they provide amazing makeup and 2) they are always on top of the latest trends. They also are known for crafting makeup for the reason to help people truly showcase what they want to share. Its about expressing one’s personality and individuality. Lime Crime is always looking for another way to stay fresh and come up with great ideas, and their new launch of the hair dye is going to drive their fans nuts and crazy.


The hair dye from this brand is definitely one of a kind. The company came up with 13 different color shades; all of which are bright, fun, and great to experiment around with. They are so great to just look through and just mix and match with one another if you’d like. They spent two years creating this lineup mainly because they wanted to come up with only the best product out there possible. The best part about this entire thing is that when you have it on, the dye stays on for a good amount of days and even weeks, but it graciously fades away in its time. Gone are the days where your hair dye will just die out disgustingly and ruin how your hair looks as you try to cover it in a cap.


Unicorn Hair Dye is like no other. Doe Deere wanted to also use vegan ingredients so it’s very natural and healthy. It is also ammonia and bleach-free, meaning that everything inside is going to be healthy for your hair and give it the color and shine that it needs without using anything artificial or unhealthy for your scalp and hair.


The quality of the hair always dies out a bit when being colored and what not, but this product is good for the hair and its only main purpose is to give it new color and overall a new life. It’s exciting to witness the beauty behind this brand because of all the ways they are improving hair dye ingredients.

Clay Siegall Develops ADCETRIS for Cancer Treatment

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Cancer has been for decades, the fastest killer disease in the health sector. That is why scientists and physicians like Dr. Clay Siegall have invested their time and resources to develop treatment therapies and drugs. Clay Siegall is a doctor and scientist. He is the co-founder of Seattle Genetics. Since its inception in 1998, Clay has served as the president too. His roles extend to his services as a board member. Clay is a scientist with a major concentration on cancer therapies. He built Seattle Genetics with the aim of developing scientific innovation, revolutionary research as well as drug generation practices.


Clay is prominent for his passion and dedication for helping patients. He has utilized his position at Seattle Genetics by leading the company to its now leadership rank in generating antibody-drug conjugates known as ADCs. Additionally, the company secured the FDA approval in 2011. Under a partnership with a pharmaceutical company called Takeda, ADCETRIS has become a global drug having received the approval of over 65 countries. Seattle Genetics also has an excellent assorted pipeline for the distribution of ADCs. Dr. Clay’s leadership has seen Seattle Genetics participating in capital raising activities. Through these activities, the company has secured over $1.2 billion from public and private donors.

About Clay Siegall

Before establishing Seattle Genetics, Clay worked at a pharmaceutical research institution called the Bristol-Myers Squibb. This was between 1991 and 1997. His roles extended to a state’s cancer research institute and The Institutes of National Health. Currently, he is a board member of numerous companies like Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical and Alder Biopharmaceuticals. Through his career, Clay has received numerous awards.

His first award was the Computer Alumnus of the Year from the University of Maryland. Clay also won an award as the best alumnus in Mathematics and Sciences. In 20102, he was recognized as the youngest entrepreneur of that year. Clay is an author too. He has published over 70 publications with 15 patents on his works. He attended the George Washington University where he received a Ph.D. having majored in Genetics. He also went to the Maryland University for a Bachelor of Science. He majored in Zoology.


Clay Siegall Conducts A Brief Interview On Ideamensch

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Background Info On Clay B. Siegall


Clay B. Siegall is a cancer researcher. His area of specaility in oncology or cancer treatment is in targeted therapies. Dr. Siegall obtained his PhD. degree from George Washington University where his doctoral dissertation and degree was about genetics. His undergraduate studies were completed at the University of Maryland. As an undergrad in college Clay Siegall studied Zoology or the anatomy, physiology and behavior of animals from a biological perspective.

The hallmark of Clay Siegall’s career includes creating a leading cancer research and drug development company that is named Seattle Genetics. At Seattle Genetics, Clay Siegall leads a team of hundreds of employees develop new cancer treatments. One of the treatments that Clay Siegall has helped to develop is an antibody drug conjugate drug known as Adcetris. Antibody drug conjugates are a form of targeted therapy that uses the innate microbe targeting ability of human antibodies. It then combines this targeting ability with radiation and other forms of cancer cell killing methods to create a highly effective and highly targeted way of destroying cancerous cells in the body.

Before starting up his own cancer research and drug development company in 1998, Clay Siegall served at the Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute and also the National Institute of Health. In both institutes, Clay Siegall studied cancer and how the disease could be treated. He used his knowledge and experience from these two previous employers to later found Seattle Genetics.

A Few Highlights Of Clay Siegall On Ideamensch

Clay Siegall was asked what motivated him start his own biotechnology company that was focused on treating cancer. His answer was that his father was afflicted with cancer when Clay was 19 years old. Mr. Siegall’s father then died from cancer at the age of 24 and no treatment available at the time seemed to help him. From then on, Dr. Clay Siegall dedicated his life to finding a cure for cancer and to give doctors new options to treat cancers.

Ideamensch also asked Dr. Siegall on how he has grown his business and how does he become more productive. He answered by saying that collaborations with other drug development companies have helped him create new products and reach new customers. It also allows Seattle Genetics to make money off of licensing agreements with its patented technology.


Flavio Maluf Is The President of Eucatex

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Eucatex is an innovative company that makes use of unique material in order to create products like tiles. In fact, eucalyptus is one such unique kind of wood that is used extensively by this company. There are a number of other products being made by Eucatex, such as paints. The company is mainly making products for home use, though these can be used by the industry too.


Presently, Eucatex is being run by Flavio Maluf. This is a 50-year old based in Brazil. They are exporting products to a number of countries outside Brazil. The unique thing about all the products here is that they are environment-friendly.


Flavio Maluf is responsible for keeping the company on a path of growth. He has managed it all while keeping Eucatex in the direction of making environment-friendly products.


This company was founded in 1951. At that time, the environment was not given any serious considerations. There were hardly any environmental regulations in place for industries. However, even at that time, Eucatex was aware that industries have the potential to damage the environment. This is why they took active steps to decrease the amount of damage to the environment. They made products while looking at their impact on the environment too. In addition, this company is making good profits too.


Flavio Maluf is the President of the company. He is highly skilled at running this company as has a lot of experience too.


Flavio Maluf has an impressive educational background. He did his graduation from FAAP in Sao Paulo. He has also been successful as a President of GrandFood.


Flavio Maluf is known for his entrepreneurial skills. He has a blog which is read by those who are looking for tips to succeed in the business world. He gives advice on how to succeed in job interviews and excel at the workplace.


He is a successful person. Hence people are looking forward to his advice. He has the ability to gauze the future of Brazil’s industry and economy. This is why his views on changing trends in the economy are welcomed by all.


Lime Crime Launches Unicorn Hair Dye

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The trend continues…Lime Crime launched a new unicorn hair dye. Unicorn hair is an almost permanent hair color that is made to make a person look like a unicorn. It is very high quality and made for professionals and newbies. This product has taken 3 years to make. The dyes have vegan ingredients and does not contain bleach or ammonia. The colors are full coverage and contain tint formulas. The tint formulas should last anywhere from 8-10 washes while the full coverage formula will last anywhere from 10-12 washes. The great thing about these dyes is that they are very affordable. The price is at $16 a jar.


Customers also have a choice of color because the dyes currently come in about 13 different colors to choose from. The colors are very wild and dreamy. In order to get a very long and lasting color, it should be left in the hair for about 2 hours and for less intense, it should be left in the hair for about 30-45 minutes. It will not do any harm to the the hair since it is made from vegan ingredients. The dyes were available to purchase April 3rd. The owner of Lime Crime, Doe Deere’s favorite unicorn hair color is purple. She is excited to finally be able to share this with everyone.


Lime Crime is a very unique company that CEO Doe Deere created. A lot of people like to express themselves, and a lot of people would like to but just don’t know how. This company gives people a chance to express themselves through lots of color and makeup. This is not just for women but for men as well. People get the freedom to just be the person that they are. There’s nothing like getting the chance to express yourself through many different high quality colors. Her website shows images of people wearing the makeup and color in different ways but it is also very unique to them. It is their very own style. Every product that is available on her website is popping with color which includes the hair dyes.

Customer Service Is The Key For Goettl Air Conditioning

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The Goettl brand of air conditioning repair and service technicians has been in operation since 1939, but since 2013 the company has been growing in popularity when owner Ken Goodrich took control of a company that has since become an integral part of the local community. Goodrich reports he has changed the entire outlook of the Goettl brand that he feels was once driven by profit, but is now seeking to once again become the best possible air conditioning brand offering high quality customer service options for all to enjoy.

AZ Central reports Ken Goodrich enjoys engaging with the technicians on his staff on a daily basis, which he did on a regular basis during his first days in control of the company. The Goettl brand has since benefited from Ken Goodrich taking a proactive approach to rebuilding this historic business that he feels will only grow in importance across the coming years; U.S. Department of Energy figures show around three quarters of all homes in the country have air conditioners designed to keep the residents cool during the warmer months of the year.

The Goettl brand has been in operation since around 1939 when the company was established by the Goettl brothers who had become innovators of heating and cooling equipment in their native Ohio and across the southwest. The company originally developed their own Heating and cooling units that led to Goettl developing and holding around 100 patents at their peak of HVAC innovation.

IN the 21st century, the Goettl brand has now focused more on the servicing and repair of HVAC units for their growing list of customers who look for the best possible customer service at all times as they care for their important heating and cooling issues. Ken Goodrich reports many Goettl brand HVAC units are still in good working order and show the tradition of excellence the brand is hoping to continue long into what it hopes will be a successful future.


Andrea McWilliams’s Accomplishments

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Andrea McWilliams is a businesswoman who is based in Texas. Apart from being a successful entrepreneur, Andrea is also a lobbyist, philanthropist, and political fundraiser. At the moment, Andrea serves as the managing partner in a company known as Public Strategies. McWilliams is a mother of three, and she has done very well in her entire career. The businesswoman is a role model to many.

Before establishing Public Strategies Inc, Andrea McWilliams was working at a company in Texas as the chief of staff. She held this position for over a decade, and this helped her to acquire a lot of expertise and knowledge in the industry. As the chief of staff of the company, Andrea was in charge of helping charity organizations and politicians in raising money for different causes. She was very successful in her position.

Today, Andrea and her husband run Public Strategies. The establishment mostly specializes in drafting regulatory and legislative policies for customers living in Texas City. Through her company, Andrea has assisted numerous clients in both the Republican and Democratic sides. The businesswoman has earned the respect of many customers in the city because she is always non-partisan, and she gives the interests of the customers the priority. Individuals who have worked with her say that their interests were well represented.

Not long ago, Andrea was in charge of the approval of 100,000,000 dollars to acquire a large coal power plant. This is considered to be one of her great achievements in the recent past. The businesswoman is believed to have a fundamental role in the one billion dollars that were set aside for cancer treatment and research in Texas region. Her achievements in the political arena have been highlighted in many media houses in the United States. Andrea has won very many awards due to her accomplishments.



Troy MacQuagge Clenches Gold Winner in the 2016 One Planet Business and Professional Excellence Awards

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Troy MacQuagge received the top most award for the One Planet Awards for the category of the CEO. The USHEALTH Group Inc. leader won his gold as an honor to his business skills and professional excellence. The award seeks to recognize world leaders and experts in all industries of activity across the globe. Any organization around the world is eligible to apply for the award and nominate any leader in their organizations and founded by Tory.

Troy MacQuagge came to USHEALTH in 2010 where he set out to turn the company around. He rebuilt the distribution agency and then worked on the advisors. His experiment with the advisors led to his promotion and appointment as the CEO of the company in 2014. From the time he assumed power, the company has registered tremendous improvement and success in terms of healthy competition and profitability in the health insurance industry.

MacQuagge expressed his gratitude in being named as one of the Award’s winners. He attributed the award to be an extension of every worker’s effort at USHEALTH. He believes that the award is a show of how committed the company is as a whole to achieving the success and goals of the organization. It shows how USHEALTH is dedicated to providing their customers excellent service. The objective of the company is to solve heath care affordability issues for customers who are looking for quality medical care without necessarily having to pay so much money for it and read full article.

About Troy MacQuagge

Tony is the CEO of USHEALTH Inc. He is known to be passionate about providing excellent quality of health insurance products. He has accumulated over three decades of experience working in this industry which has sharpened him into a great businessperson. He has also grown into an excellent leader who ensures business profitability.

Tony began his career in 1983. He has left footprints of change and success in every position held over the years. He has won several awards signifying his skills in leadership and insurance. Troy continues to be an exemplary CEO that others can emulate to grow their companies and achieve greatness in their work and learn more about Tory.

A Heart of Reform and Philanthropy

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The heart of Betsy DeVos could be described synonymously with reforms. Since she was in college, she has always wanted to add more taste to what has been held as a tradition for a long time. Her heart for education has been recognized with the many years she has been pushing for reforms in the education sector. She has remained notable for her persistent and passionate leadership skills. The world has recognized her desire to transform the systems that seem to derail the American dream. She has also been active in supporting political courses. This is because she has served as the chairperson of the Michigan Republic Party for 6 years. Her husband was also voted as the Republican nominee for the post of the governorship in Michigan. The family is thus well grounded in reforms and desire to support political or charitable courses that result into reforming the world.

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Programs that have been started by Betsy have been founded on the fact that traditional public schools are not succeeding. However, she has established that private schools plus the public schools that have embraced reforms are today ahead of the pack. Therefore, Betsy DeVos has remained passionate because she knows the value of the reforms. She has impacted over 250,000 students in the 17 states in Columbia. Other programs have been initiated in other states and their schools have recorded tremendous progress. The idea of supporting education reforms began when Betsy and her husband were taking their children to the Potter’s House Christian School. When they encountered parents who were struggling to ensure their children were getting the best education they would desire, they decided to start helping them. Up to this day, they support the Potter’s House Christian School in a big way. Check her website for more info at

A Desire for Variety

When Betsy started off supporting children from low-income families to get to the school of their choice, she discovered it was still not enough. Together with her husband, they both decided to help the students from low-income families to get to the schools they desired to attend. At that time in 1990, she was serving as the chairperson of the State Board of Education in Michigan. She thus had the best opportunity to push for the necessary changes that had hindered people for many years. However, even after other people took over the management of the board, she did not stop pushin for education reforms. Mrs. DeVos has been pushing for the changes that are necessary in order to give children and their parents, liberty on the kind of school to choose. To help organize her efforts together with her husband, Betsy started American Federation for Children in order to push forward the ideologies for change. This is because she believes in non-partisan education system.

Visit Betsy’s profile on Twitter.