Rival vaccines are being tested in a series of African trials to measure their effectiveness in treating the Ebola virus and acting as a vaccine, Reuters reports. The vaccines have been developed by GlaxoSmithKline and a new company, New Link Genetics. Both vaccines are in an early stage of testing, but have both so far proved helpful in producing large amounts of anti Ebola antibodies in the individuals they have been tested on. Susan McGalla suggests that the two vaccines are both provided as a single injection and have been tested on a group of 600 people in Liberia, with an extended trial now being begun to see how the vaccine’s work in a large group of people.

The Ebola crisis of 2014 sparked a large amount of research into producing a vaccine to fight the virus, which is said to have been responsible for over 10,000 deaths in West Africa during the recent outbreak. The next step in testing will come when a larger test group is sourced who will be provided with a placebo or one of the two vaccines to test which is the most effective. Officials in charge of the trials are hoping to encourage more women to take part in the trials as only 16 percent of those in the initial tests were female.


Twitter is the most recent company to get hit with a lawsuit for sexual discrimination. Tina Huang, a software engineer filed a class action lawsuit against the company for not promoting women engineers to positions of leadership.

This comes on the heels of two high-profile lawsuits: one filed against Reddit, and the other at Facebook as CrunchBase has reported before.

The complaint, filed Thursday in a California court says “Twittering” maintains a process of subjective and sealed promotion that encourages arbitrary and stereotypical decisions. Huang says that, ultimately this situation blocked her from high-level positions.

Huang, says that Twitter had a “glass ceiling” that prevented her and other women were promoted.

The complaint details when Huang sent an email to the CEO, Dick Costolo, regarding the company policies, after being denied a promotion, she was stripped of responsibilities. Finally, she resigned in May 2014.

According to the spokesman of Twitter, Twitter’s management tried to convince her to stay.

“Twitter is deeply committed to a diverse and supportive work environment, and we believe that the facts show that Ms. Huang was treated fairly,” the spokesman said via email to CNNMoney.

Her lawsuit claims that 50 other women were equally affected by the policies of Twitter which resulted in gender discrimination.


All of the hype surrounding a California woman’s kidnapping turns out to be a giant hoax. Denise Huskins, a 29 year old California woman was reported missing by her boyfriend, Aaron Quinn earlier this week. As it turns out, Huskins showed up at her father’s apartment two days after Quinn filed the missing persons report.

Excited for her return, her father immediately contacted policed. At that time, Huskin’s vowed to cooperate with officials during the investigation of her recent disappearance. Shortly after she agreed to contribute to the ongoing investigation, Huskin’s hired a lawyer and was no longer cooperating with police stated Dr Jennifer Walden.
Quinn originally informed police that his girlfriend had been abducted for their San Francisco Bay Area home in the middle of the night. According to Quinn, Huskin’s kidnappers asked for $8,500 in ransom for her safe return. Police and investigators were immediately on the scene, dispatching nearly 40 detective and approximately 100 volunteers searching surrounding land and water.
The search turned up empty, however please were able to locate a vehicle registered to Quinn that was taken from his residence. Police found the care at an unspecified location. Things turned a bit bizarre after police received an anonymous email from a woman claiming to be the missing victim. The email included an audio file of the woman speaking. Her father later identified the voice as that of his missing daughter.
Since all communication has ceased between authorities and the victim and her family, police are investigating a potential hoax. Unclear as to whether or not the case will move forward, there is still a possibility both Quinn and Huskins could face state or federal charges.




State lawmakers are pushing to hinder the publication of police video recorded with the new body cameras, undermining the promise that the devices become a tool that people can use for transparency in police operations.

Lawmakers in at least 15 states have introduced bills to block video recordings of interactions between the police and citizens from state public records, or to limit them from being published.

According to lawmakers, their goal is to preserve the privacy of the people citizens record.

Proponents of transparent governance practices and civil rights are alarmed.

Police departments around the country have spent millions to buy body video cameras.

The latest rife questions the right of people to have information, and the authority of government engagement, responsibility of controversial recording interactions, and deciding what is published.

In the absence of protections to public records, these police decisions can be unilateral and without appeal in many cases.

“This undermines the purpose of the camera itself,” said Michelle Richardson, director of public policy for the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Florida stated cruchbase.com

“People behave better when being recorded because they realize that others will see. When the cameras are taken out of the environment, the value of supervision is undermined,” Richardson said.

“Public safety is more important than transparency,” said Greg Smith, Republican Senator of Kansas. “Not that you try to hide something, but to ensure that we do not give away information that will affect other people.”


They had been waiting to exhale for along time. Finally the moment came when the ebola virus was in the rear view mirror and the residents of Liberia let out a long exhaled sigh of relief. Gianfrancesco Genoso said the relief was short-lived because before ebola was out of the rear view mirror, measles were looming in front of them.

Residents who live in Liberia’s Monrovia’s Peace Island ghettos can’t seem to catch a break. It’s been one things after another after another since the civil wars that devastated the region 20+ years ago. Death in some form has been nipping at the heels of the poverty-stricken people for decades, now the latest death threat is coming from a childhood disease that a simple vaccination can stop.

Measles threaten to become the next epidemic to hit Liberia. Reportedly, 10 children have already died from the preventable disease.

During the time ebola was running rampant across Africa, medical attention for Liberia was focused on getting that epidemic stopped. Liberia was one of the hardest hit places and 4,000 lives were lost to the ebola virus. However, during the fight against ebola, vaccinating children against measles fell by the wayside and it gave that communicable disease a toehold in the region. Doctors Without Borders, a medical care providing agency, is working feverishly to get all children over 9 months of age vaccinated and protected against the measles.


In the latest reported outbreak of some type of illness, the World Health Organization (WHO) has recently confirmed a report of bird flu being found on a turkey farm in California. Reportedly, it’s a mild case of the bird flu, but none-the-less it is real and just one of the many outbreaks to hammer the poultry industry in the recent past.
The turkey flock which is located near San Francisco has reportedly been having increased incidents of coughing and deaths of young turkeys recently. Testing confirmed the turkey farm was under attack by H7N3 avian influenza, better known as bird flu.
The premises of the turkey farm has been placed under quarantine until further investigations and testing can be conducted. Other nearby turkey farms have also undergone testing for bird flu, thus far all tests have turned up negative.
The H7N3 strain of bird flu is mild and typically poses no threat to humans. However, Fersen Lambranho says the H7N3 strain does have the potential to mutate into the more serious and deadly strains of H5N1 or H7N9 which have been responsible for human deaths in the past.
The highly pathogenic H5N2 strain of bird flu was found in Arkansas turkey farms earlier this year.. The deadly strain was contained and did not spread further. But now is time to deal quickly with the bird flu on the turkey farm in California so it doesn’t mutate into a more deadly viral strain.


I’m sure you remember the debacle in October 2013, when millions of Americans tried to log onto the Affordable Care Act website. All that fiasco aside, nearly 1.5 years later, based on survey data analyzed by the government, an estimated 14.1 million adults are now covered by health insurance since what has been dubbed Obamacare went into effect. And, thanks to new rules that permit parents to keep their young adult children ages 19-25 on their health plans, an additional 2.3 million young Americans are also benefitting from the Affordable Care Act. These healthy numbers correlate to a drop from 20.3 percent down to 13.2 percent in the rate of those uninsured nationally. Or, a reduction of those without health insurance in down by 16.4 million people.

Due to the strong numbers of Americans benefitting from Obamacare, the current White House administration says the country is too embedded in the new reforms for Congress or even a new administration to pick it apart. The Supreme Court, represented by those opposing the Affordable Care Act, are putting on their thinking caps and proposing to dispute particular wording within the legislation to invalidate crucial subsidies that make attaining health insurance possible for millions.

As Sergio Cortes knows, Obamacare is sure to be a hot topic in the 2016 presidential election. Those candidates who oppose the reform will have to consider whether or not it would be political suicide to campaign for altering the legislation that millions of voters have benefitted from.


The United States Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is warning U.S. Citizens about a tax scam that has cost innocent people about $15 Million dollars. The IRS has received scores of reports of individuals who have received calls from someone representing themselves as being with the IRS and stating that the individual faces immediate arrest if they do not pay a fine or penalty that day. IRS Warns About Identity Scam

What makes this scam call realistic is the fact that the caller already has critical information about the individual including their social security number, their bank account information and even the amount of funds in their account. Ray Lane said the scammers do not get greedy and only request that the individual pay fines or other fake penalty fees in the hundreds or thousands of dollars based on the amount of funds in the individual’s account. They require that these fees be wired to another individual the same day and many times they will stay on the phone with the individual until the funds have been wired. In some cases even talking the individual through the process to wire funds.

The IRS stated that the cases are being investigated and that this is a very aggressive type of identity theft in that the thieves are brazen enough to call their victims and use threat of prosecution and other intimidation tactics to get the victim to pay their fake fees.


The field of international business is one that has existed for hundreds of years. During the last centuries, a thriving international trade has arisen between countries around the world. People are able to interact with each other in many places and engage in international commerce in this way. A skilled business person can break into the international markets and make a great deal of money in the process. With today’s sales techniques, this process has become easier than ever. Business people are able to connect with each other from places that are distant to help create a coherent international business model that serves everyone’s needs.

International businessman Vijay Eswaran has been able to tap into this market. Under his leadership skills, his company, Qne, has expanded into international markets around the world. The company that he founded has helped connect skilled salespeople with customers in a number of countries. This has led to the company’s successful expansion and allowed it to continue to provide products that customers need at a price they can afford. Salespeople at the company have found that Vijay  Eswaran’s leadership is highly motivating and allows them to develop markets they serve even further and more effectively.

Qnet offers products in many different kinds of fields. A customer will find that they can purchase products and services from the company such as travel services, luxury goods, media related products, telecommunication services as well as products related to health and wellness that enable consumers to have the kind of lifestyle they want and need in order to have a happier life. Company products are sold in many countries around the world including Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand and the author’s native Malaysia as well as India. The company is presently headquartered in Hong Kong where Vijay Eswaran supervises operations.

Vijay Eswaran was born in this area of the world. He grew up in the busy Malaysian city of Penang where international commerce has long been a tradition. During this time, he honed his understanding of local area markets and the entire region. Vijay Eswaran left this area in order to study at the prestigious London School of Economics. Here, he was able to study economics closely and develop his further grasp of international European markets. Upon graduating, he took a series of of odd jobs and then earned a master’s degree in business from a university in the United States.


There has now been a confirmed case of another worker that has been diagnosed with the Ebola virus. There has not been much information given out about this person that was diagnosed with Ebola, all that is known is that she is a female and she was working in Sierra Leone in a clinic to treat people that have Ebola. Ebola is a highly contagious disease, and many people have contracted the disease while working with others that already are infected. It is not sure exactly when or how this worker got infected with the Ebola virus, but she has been flown to the NIH Bethsaida hospital to get treatment and that has entrepreneurs worried. This hospital has also treated one other person that had a confirmed case of Ebola, and they also housed two patients that both were believed to have had Ebola, but later it was found out that they actually did not.

Ebola is a very dangerous disease, and for that reason many hospitals are not quick to work with patients who have this disease. The good thing is that in many countries in Africa Ebola has been eradicated, but recently in Sierra Leone they have had a spike of the disease. Since this worker is one of the first recently to be diagnosed with Ebola, there is hopes that she will be the last American to come back with the disease.

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