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Why Does Securus Help Our Students?

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Securus has been helping our students for a while now that I social worker is using it for prison calling. You might think that it is strange that children are calling people in jail, but these students have parents in jail. We have a social worker in the building who is meeting with these kids often, and they can use Securus to talk to their parents who are sitting in jail. I have been very impressed with the way that this works, and I think that a child who gets to check in with their parent will be able to have a better day.


I have noticed that all these kids feel good about how they are talking to their parents, and I also know that these kids can share with their parents about their day. Having all this supervised by the social worker makes it safer for the kids, and I know that the kids feel a lot better about this simply because of the fact that they are being given a better chance of improving their daily lives. The kids are not in a position to go to the jails, but they can talk to their parents without going.


I wanted to have every kid get a chance to talk to their parents during the week, and that is why we are working with Securus every day to make these phone calls. We very much believe in helping these kids because we know that they will perform better in school and have better lives because of it. They will have more confidence in themselves, and they will know that they still have a connection to their parent. This has been very big for me, and I think that it makes all the difference in the world that we help these kids.


Brazil’s most successful business entrepreneur

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Richardo Tosto De Oliveria Carvalho has been progressing through an incredible journey of a desk worker at a law firm transitioning to owning his own firm. Carvalho has quickly become one of Brazil’s most successful entrepreneurs and expert in everything Brazilian law.

He started out in a small office cubicle just like anyone starting a career in law and worked through centenarian firms in business litigation to get his firm to be recognized as the largest and most successful in Brazil. Some of the cases that Richardo Tosto De Oliveria Carvalho and his employees helped with were crucial to the growth in popularity of the firm. There were several important individuals and companies that he defended receiving plenty of national attention.

Richardo Tosto De Oliveria Carvalho pushed large Brazilian and multinational groups to see society through a different lens and understand the limits of business. Know which practices were the most ethical.

Richardo Tosto De Oliveria Carvalho has had a lot of experience defending clients. He has seen how they all act when pressured to defend their actions. Caravalho has seen the levels of stress that these clients go through when trying to protect their credibility. He now encourages every member of his team to never go down without a good fight. Do everything you can to understand the situation that the client is in and help them get a fair ruling.

The laws and practices put in place by Richardo Tosto De Oliveria Carvalho and his team have helped the economy in numerous different ways. Laws protecting businesses and helping society grow have been used time and time again.

Richardo Tosto De Oliveria Carvalho is also leading Leite, Tosto e Barros, which pushes for objectivity and agility. He helped hire all of the employees working there. A lot of the current members that have joined entered the organization as interns or trainees.

Carvalho’s responsibilities are to see that everyone working is acting in good faith and formulate strategies to drive the firm to further growth. Richardo Tosto De Oliveria Carvalho earned a degree in Business Administration from Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation Extension and a Business Law degree from Mackenzie Presbiterian University.

Cone Marshall Limited Unfamiliar Dealings

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Cone Marshall Limited is the New Zealand’s law firm, functioning in an international community of consultants, who assist and maintain organizations in New Zealand. The company establishes joint ventures with other corporations in the endeavor to supply comprehensive property training and information. The company affords administrators, lawyers, and private banking services to other enterprises to help them represent clients. The firm also helps to establish succession, full trust, and local tax advice structures. The Law firm is controlled by Karen Marshall and Geoffrey Cone. It is a major foreign trust business in Auckland, New Zealand.

Together with other New Zealand Trustee Companies Associations, the group of four assurance firms successfully persuaded to end the IRD trust law review. Besides, the Cone Marshall Corporation has many corporation directorships in New Zealand’s register. Not all these subsidiary companies are active, and some staff members are seizing the roles of the Enterprise CEO, Geoffrey Cone, who now lives in Uruguay. The number of enterprises registered under the firm still maintains to grow with the company, representing other significant international institutions.

Recent news reports have come up following the company’s extensive networks. Standguard Nominees, one of the leading Cone Marshall companies, also holds another company that incorporates Gibraltar directors. Abacus offers financial services and is an important Gibraltar trust firm with its websites linked to New Zealand. Standguard is also mutually held by the Trident Trust Company (NZ) Ltd, with Cone Marshall as its director. Vavecic Investments Ltd, One of Trident’s companies that actually thought of having a partnership at Anchor Trustees in Auckland, is ultimately controlled by the Zurich Credit Suisse Trust.

The company’s primary Switzerland connection is by the Rothschild Trust New Zealand Ltd, based in Zurich. . Trident Trust International’s website also incorporates some useful reports on how companies are getting easier tax position from New Zealand. Cone Marshall is believed to have links and close outlets with Switzerland’s bigger players.

Visit Cone’s site here:

The Desires of Young Professionals Met by TOWN Residential

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Buyers looking for NYC properties are often younger than they have been at any point in history. They often are bringing home big money in entertainment, sports or in family-run businesses. In the past, luxury buyers wanted homes that were finished. Alternatively, these younger buyers are often willing to transform a property themselves often turning a townhouse into a single family residence. They are demanding that homes have the latest in technology or that the home be easily retrofitted with these advances. Furthermore, they want an office as these young professionals are workaholics. They are tired of commutes and want to live in the neighborhoods where they are already working and playing, according to a recent article published in Mission Global.
Andrew Heiberger concurs with these findings saying that it is changing the way that he and other successful real estate agents are doing business. The agents at his firm, TOWN Residential, spend far fewer hours actually showing properties and many more hours visiting with clients using popular social media apps. Buyers often have their minds made up before they actually view the property today.
NYC properties in some communities demand a higher asking price than those in other communities. One of the most popular is Manhattan where rental prices continue to soar on high end units. Therefore, these young professionals often see buying as a sound investment. That way they can put sweat equity into a property making it truly their own. These professionals will often install high vaulted ceilings to showcase their modern artwork collections and construct small kitchens just off the master bedrooms. agents know that part of the key to selling properties in NYC is the ability to see beyond what is currently in place. Therefore, they often visit NYC properties many times to dream of the possibilities when helping a client. Making it convenient to do so, TOWN has offices in the most desirable parts of the city.

Sanjay Shah: Fighting For What Is Right

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When it comes to your children, I imagine you would do just about anything, within reason, to make them happy. That is what Sanjay Shah Denmark and his wife Usha are doing for their autistic son with the awesome event, Autism Rocks. They want to change the landscape of autism and they want to do all that they can for their son. If that isn’t reason enough to attend this event, I don’t know what is, quite frankly. If you have a son or daughter with autism, this is the event to be at as there is truly something for everyone at the event and it is incredibly family friendly and filled with great events such as laser tag, crazy golf, zip line, bouncy castle, horse rides, rodeo bull, face painting, inflatable rides, barbecue and a petting zoo.

It is sure to be a day to remember for everyone that attends. I applaud Sanjay and his wife Usha for doing something like this and for fighting for their son. I also applaud them because this event is not just for them. This event is for every child out there with autism and every parent of that child. She was quoted as saying she wants more research into the condition and why it happens and what can be done to prevent it. She has her heart in the right place, as does Sanjay.

At this event, there will also be live performances from two of the biggest names in rap in Tyga and Flo Rida. In the past, they have had artists such as Prince, Lenny Kravitz, Michael Bublè and Drake in London and Dubai. Everybody wants to pitch in and everybody wants to help. When they see and hear about an event like this, it is hard not to want to do all you can to help out and make a true difference in the lives of these families and of course, the children.

At the end of the day, that is what this event is all about, it is about the children and helping them become more understood, more respected, more loved, and treated with more kindness. While there is a lot out there on autism, there is still more that can be learned and more that could be understood. There shouldn’t be another wasted minute on this. The time is now to learn more, attend this event, and do your part.


Read more about Sanjay Shah:


Choose Tarallucci e Vino For Your Next Great Event

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Selecting a venue for your next event may be a difficult thing. I have always found that there are ample choices in the NYC area, but there seems to be so much to choose from that it is hard to make such a decision. When I did my last baby shower for my friend in the West Village, I choose the cozy spot at The Spotted Pig.

Quaint Spots For Events

The Spotted Pig is not an upscale venue like some might look for, rather, it is a quaint little spot that has amazing foods. If you are a French fry fan, you have got to try their offerings. Their party room is upstairs, which makes it hard if you have disabled people in your party. However, for a baby shower, it was the perfect place. It is not too big and not too small. Best of all, the price was just right.

Gramercy Tavern is Sure To Please

Another place that my family has used for many diverse events is the Gramercy Tavern. This place has an earthy like feel to it, and they use plenty of woodsy elements to create a mood. However, they have a nice, large party room that is on the ground floor. This restaurant has been in business for more than 20 years. I personally know and like the owner Danny Meyer. Though this is not Meyer’s only restaurant, it is one of the better ones. The chef Michael Anthony cooks authentic American cuisine like non-other. If you love that down-home cooking with an upscale flare, then Gramercy Tavern is the place to be.

Tarallucci e Vino Outshines The Rest

I simply cannot talk about Italian restaurants and venues in the area without mentioning Tarallucci e Vino. There are so many restaurants out there that claim to have authentic Italian food, but this place backs up their claims with superior food. On my first visit, I had the hen broth soup with Parmesan cheese. I have never even heard of such a soup, but I enjoyed every spoonful. It’s tucked away and kind of private close to Union Square.

Perhaps, it is their incredible menu that keeps the place packed. They serve duck, black truffle aioli, snapper, tartar, saltimbocca, and much more. One thing that really stands out to me in this place is the incredible service they offer. The wait staff goes above and beyond to ensure that all of their guests have a wonderful time. Though it is quite a large establishment, they create an atmosphere of comfort.

I attended a small wedding reception at their venue and must say I was impressed. From the food displays to the service, Tarallucci e Vino helps to create an elegant event with scrumptious foods. Their party room is beautiful. Of course, the entire place has that Italian feel to it, and they play authentic music to add to the overall experience. I highly recommend this venue for your next event.

Fin the restaurant here:

What Is The Advantage At Seattle Genetics?

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Seattle Genetics is a great company that is creating cancer drugs for trials, and it has a major advantage over other companies because it is trying to narrow how it is setting up its drug trials. They want to have a narrower approach so that they can help people instead of getting bogged down with several versions of the same drug. Clay Siegall has a doctorate in genetics, and he is using that to work on drugs that are based on antibodies for cancer patients.

Seattle Genetics (SGEN) Clay B. Siegall on Q2 2016 Results – Earnings Call Transcript

The company is making about $100 million in sales every year in their drug trials, and that is a pretty big profile for a company that only has two drugs on the market. They are a really good company for helping people with cancer, and they are getting with as many doctors as they can to help with the drug trials and to make them bigger. It is a lot easier for people to make sure that they have a new voice in the drug phase of their treatment, and Seattle Genetics is reaching people who had no other options.

The drug trials at Seattle Genetics have gotten so big that they are seeing people get real results when taking the drugs. It is going to help people get better, or it might slow the disease so that they can get another surgery. This is important for all cancer sufferers.

The last thing that people need to remember about Seattle Genetics is it is a regular company run by regular people. Clay Siegall just had a vision for his company that saw him helping thousands of people with cancer, and it is important that people are looking to them if they want another drug option. Doctors trust Seattle Genetics, and now everyone else should, too.