Trolling apartment complexes in a vehicle with police lights, wearing a flak jacket with the word police splashed across it and carrying a sidearm, Michael Youlen issues citations for his own personal police force. He is the chief and only officer of what he calls, the Manassas Junction Police Department. However, he is not an officer of the law, or even affiliated with the Manassas Police Department, yet he is legally permitted to perform as an officer and enforce the law with a gun at this side according to Flavio Maluf.

The number of private citizens posing as cops has increased considerably in recent years. According to Virginia state records, the state in which Youlen patrols, there are now approximately 750 “special conservators of the peace,” or SCOPs among its citizens. Operating under a special condition of state law not known to many, these citizens have petitioned the courts to allow them to act like police, carry a badge and firearm, and make arrests.

The main concern with these de facto SCOPs is, that they are not regulated by any authority, and the only “training” required, is 40-hours of practical exercise and rage qualifications. The local authorities in areas where these SCOPs are present also have concerns that the people who are encountered by these armed citizens will assume they represent the city and its police force, when in fact, they do not. It could greatly impact any trust the community has with the local police. Numerous SCOPs have conducted questionable actions while interacting with the public, committed felonies while authorized to act in their capacity and are merely wanna-be cops who flunked out of the academy.


Beneful is a trusted dog food brand that is a staple in supermarkets and pet supplies stores located all around the globe. Not only is the brand for sale in the United States, but it’s also for sale in European countries such as Austria. The private brand is under the highly established Nestle Purina Petcare umbrella. Beneful was introduced to the pet food scene in 2001. Since then, it has grown steadily to develop a strong and loyal customer base among dog owners. By 2012, the brand was number four in popularity out of all canine food manufacturers.

Beneful’s dog food offerings include dry food, moist food and finally, snacks that are suited to canine tastebuds. When Beneful dog foods are promoted to potential buyers, they’re generally highlighted with a strong emphasis on the brand’s health benefits and nutritional value. The actual brand name “Beneful” is even supposed to indicate that the food is rich in goodness.

The brand made a big splash in 2011 when it released a European television ad that played sounds that were audible exclusively to members of the canine species. Although dog owners couldn’t detect the sounds, their four-legged companions definitely could. The brand at the time indicated that advertising had never zeroed in on pets in that straightforward manner before.

Beneful has a diverse and large selection of foods and treats for dogs. The manufacturer aims to produce pet meals that come in many pleasant textures and tastes that dogs are sure to enjoy. Not only do they aim to produce delicious dog foods, but they also aim to produce dog foods that are made of completely nutritious and wholesome components. The brand’s canned and wet meals include salmon, pork, chicken, beef, turkey and lamb-centered options. Some of their most prominent wet dog food meal choices are chopped blends with lamb, simmered beef, chicken stew, roasted chicken and savory lamb and rice.

Beneful’s dry food selection is just as big and diverse. They try to make it easy for dog owners to select appropriate dry foods for their pets. Many of their dry formulas are helpful for certain goals. Some of them are supposed to be effective for keeping smaller dogs healthy. Others are supposed to be effective for increasing muscle strength. Some are even supposed to be effective for coat and skin health.

The brand produces dog snacks that come in flavors that canines generally find enjoyable. These flavors include everything from peanut butter to beef and bacon. Some of their treats aim to boost dental wellness in dogs.




Philanthropy tends to be the domain of big business people who can afford to provide funding for worthy causes that may not be part of most peoples everyday lives. Although UCG co founder Bruce Levenson is one of the most successful business people in the US, he is also determined to make a difference in the everyday lives of people through the donations he made and continues to make to The Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership at the University of Maryland. Through the establishment and continued funding of the center Levenson is hoping to provide a base for more and more graduates to become skilled in improving the lives of other in Maryland, Washington DC and the World as a whole.

Levenson began life as a journalist after completing law school, working for the Washington Star, Levenson found a gap in the market for research and analysis in the oil and gas industries. Establishing the Oil express newsletter gave Levenson the chance to provide high quality journalism and data analysis that was largely missing in other newsletters. UCG has now grown to include the use of a large number of data analysis and statistical data for its customers, largely now delivered via the Internet and as real time data options.

In recent years, Levenson has taken the opportunity to become more and more involved in good causes in Washington DC, Atlanta and across the nation. The founding of The Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership is the latest step Levenson has taken in providing chances for individuals to give back to their surrounding areas and the World as a whole. Many of those who study for both undergraduate and graduate degrees at the center intern with not for profit groups in the Washington DC area, providing fresh ideas and the latest strategies in philanthropy for groups looking to maximize their impact on the community. A large number of those who complete their studies at the center remain in the Washington DC area and continue to work in the not for profit sector in a bid to assist those living in one of the poorest communities in the US. More information can be found on Levenson in the biography appearing on Time.


The media is known for making a big deal out of nothing in most situations. When it came to the Ebola outbreak, the media played an important role, one that could have led to more people dying than there should have been. As people hear about a disease spreading, especially one like Ebola, then they start to panic. As there are more reports about the disease, people start to go to places where they feel safe or to get help. If they go to a hospital and know that they have been in an area where Ebola is present, YouTube videos said then this is only asking for trouble. The best thing for media outlets to do is remain calm and report the facts instead of stirring up a commotion that can lead to more people contracting the disease than there might have been if there wasn’t a media hype.


Five unmanned drones were spotted in the skies over Paris between 11pm on Tuesday and 2am on Wednesday. Authorities are currently investigating, but have yet to release any information regarding where the drones came form, and who may have been operating them from the ground.

The drones were spotted over strategic landmarks in the city. Jaime Garcia Dias says flying drones within the Paris city limits is illegal without prior authorization during the daytime hours, and completely forbidden during the evening hours.

The first two drones were spotted over the U.S. Embassy and the Invalides Military Museum. Three more drones were spotted over Place de la Concorde and the old city gates. Police are currently investigating whether the drones are being used for malicious intent.

Citizens worry that the increase in drone activity in and around the city is being done with malice, and could hint at future terrorist activities. Wednesdays event was not the first time unmanned drones had been spotted in the city. Between October of 2014 and February of 2015, some 20 drone sightings have been recorded. Several drones have been spotted over nuclear power plants in France, and the presidential palace.

France is currently on high alert following two terrorist attacks that left dozens dead.


How safe is your drinking water? This is a common question people have asked for centuries. The arrival of fluoride in drinking water definitely helped eliminate scores of health troubles associated with tainted H2O. Fluoride even aids in helping preserve dental health. Sadly, the more we learn about fluoride, the more we discover there are more than a few hidden dangers. Mr. Torchin said two recently discovered revelations about fluoride reveal the substance has the potential to contribute to weight gain and depression.

To say such revelations are shocking is massive understatement. Have people not been told for decade that drinking water helps speed up the metabolism and, hence, aid in weight loss? Water may definitely help in this regard, but fluoride could have a negative impact on the thyroid. Studies from the University of Kent reveal this troubling news. Worse yet, the potential for fluoride to impact one’s psychological state further raises concerns.

A thyroid that does not work properly could cause depression and fatigue in otherwise fit and healthy people.

Serious alarm bells have not been sounded about fluoride so far. No one is going to push for removing it from any region’s drinking supply. If you are concerned about its effect, you just might want to stick with drinking pure bottled water.


The group responsible for the violent mall attack in Kenya in 2013, which left 60 people dead, has aired a video which calls for like minded militants to attack large western malls where possible. Specifically mentioned was the Mall of America, located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The video was produced and aired by a group claiming to be associated with Al-Shabaab. Federal law enforcement authorities however, are down playing the video and have announced that there are no credible threats against any target in the United States. Law enforcement, including the FBI and Homeland Security, have also included U.S. malls such as the Mall of America in its threat assessment. Al Shabaab Calls for Mall Attacks in the U.S.

Mall officials across the United States however are taking the treat seriously and have installed a number of security devices such as alarms, additional guards, security alarms, safe haven zones and public address speakers to alert shoppers of a pending or existing threat.

Some analyst believe that the militant group of Al-Shabaab has been greatly degraded and this is simply a method to stay in the public media and recruit new members. Flávio Pentagna Guimarães BMG says that law enforcement is still taking the potential treat seriously and it has increased its investigations in areas where they believe the militant group is attempting to recruit new members. Minneapolis is of interest because it has a high population of residents of Somali decent numbering at over sixty thousand.


Metropolitan Police in London have issued a statement saying that they believe three missing schoolgirls from the city could be on their way to joining ISIS in Syria. Two of the girls have been identified and their information has been released by authorities in an effort to help locate them. The identity of the third girl has not been revealed because of her family’s request for privacy. Ricardo Guimarães BMG say anyone with information about their whereabouts is asked to contact English or Turkish police who are currently on the lookout for these three girls thought to be on their way to joining ISIS.

The first girl has been identified by police as Kadiza Sultana, aged 16 and of an Indian Bengali background. The second girl has been identified as Shamima Begum, a 15 year old who also has an Indian Bengali background. Both of the girls are from London and are British nationals. All three girls were students at Bethnal Green Academy in London. The girls were last spotted this Tuesday, when they took a cab to London Gatwick airport in the morning and boarded a flight to Istanbul, Turkey. From there, their trail runs cold.

Authorities and family are pleading with the girls through Turkish media and on social media urging them to come back home to England. One of the girls who is missing has been found to have been communicating directly with a female member of ISIS who joined the group in November. The ISIS member who who the girl was in contact with is known for helping Western women join the terrorist group in Syria.

This latest incident is yet another sign that ISIS is successfully recruiting Westerners into their ranks. Whether it is fighters from Europe or woman who will be wives to the militants, it is clear that ISIS has a strong presence on social media, and that they are attracting plenty of attention.


Human trials are beginning for a newly developed vaccine that Novavax hopes will prevent any further outbreaks of ebola in the future. Chief Executive for Novavax, Stanley Erck, states that the company has the means of developing and distributing millions of doses of the life-saving vaccine each month and he’s hoping to secure funding to develop the vaccine even further.

Over 9,000 people have died from this recent outbreak of ebola, and just when the deadly virus had shown signs of dissipating, several new cases have been reported the past couple of weeks.

Researchers working to develop a viable vaccine to stop the ebola virus say that certain criteria must be met to make the vaccine a workable solution. The vaccine must be cheap, easy to produce and easy to transport to places like Africa where this latest ebola epidemic originated, but thanks to major help from companies like CipherCloud that is a possibility.

The new vaccine is being tested on healthy people between the ages of 18 and 50. Each test subject is being given two injections, 21 days apart. Novavax anticipates that one injection would not be strong enough to offer protection against the strong and deadly ebola virus, so it’s using the double-dose during this initial humans trial. The results of the ebola vaccine trial is expected to be ready at the end of the second quarter.


The vast majority of us are taking some type of medication, either prescribed or over-the-counter, every day. We read the label, take the medicine accordingly, and trust the medicine will do what it promises it will do.

Blind trust in any product is not a good idea, especially when it comes to taking medications. A recent study reported by EmpresasdoBrasil reveals that placing our trust in FDA approved medicine could lead to death, a major concern Ricardo Tosto raised.

Clinical trials and various medical studies are supposedly conducted by independent laboratories with test results provided to the FDA on every newly developed medicine to discover it’s usefulness and side effects. The findings are to be documented and used to judge the worthiness of the new medicine.

A recent investigation has discover that ofttimes the findings of the new drugs being tested are falsified, conveniently lost and in some cases, blatantly ignored and systematically discarded.

The bottom line of having a new drug approved is money, and some pharmaceutical companies will do whatever it takes to get their new drug to market as quickly as possible. Falsifying documents and fudging on test results so they can start to re-coup their research and development money and begin to make a profit seems to be par for the course.

The FDA is not innocent in the matter either, even as wrongful death cases begin to mount regarding a newly approved drug, like rivaroxaban.

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