When I  was poor and jobless and couldn’t afford traditional internet, I looked up how I could get it for really cheap, or maybe even free. That’s where FreedomPop saved my hide. FreedomPop is a free wireless mobile and internet service provider operating through Clearwire and Sprint. They sell mobile phones, tablets and broadband devices. The FreedomPop starts at free but you can get faster plans starting at only $10. Having internet on the go has never been easier. FreedomPop was founded in 2011 and is a branch off of the Sprint Corporation. 

Most recently, FreedomPop has started to offer a $5 unlimited Wi-Fi hotspot service that is said to offer connectivity to over 120 million people. 10 million hotspots had been switched on, operating in fast-food, coffee shops and retail locations. he service will have over 10 million locations by the end of Q1 in 2015. The service will first be available on Android devices because the Apple Wi-Fi is much more complicated and needs more work. It is believe that FreedomPop will hit over 1 million subscribers by Q2 of 2015 and will steadily rise in popularity throughout the year. You’ll be able to access these hotspots through the free FreedomPop app available on both Android and Apple.

Many will argue that internet deserves to be free for everyone – especially those who cannot afford it. FreedomPop has started to challenge traditional mobile carriers and internet providers. While many corporation are spending billions and billions of dollars on investing in LTE networks, companies such as Google and FreedomPop have been investing into Wi-Fi networks.

FreedomPop continues to grow in popularity and will continue to be the best alternative for mobile and Wi-Fi services. You can get unlimited calling for as little at $10 a month with is a steal if you compare the service to other providers such as Verizon to ATT


Doing something a bit more positive today, because I’ve been reading about Jonathan Veitch.  Pretty proud of what he’s doing with education, if his Facebook is anything to go by.  I’m hoping he’ll be a great example of how college should be run.

Jonathan Veitch became president of Occidental College nearly five years ago. It’s a stressful position, and one which one might expect to weigh heavily on a man. However, Veitch has proven himself more than up to the challenge. Veitch is currently the longest standing president since 2005, and it’s clear that the trend should continue far into the future. When Veitch took the position five years ago he mentioned that he’d like to serve ten years. The community can only hope that he decides to extend that time in office. Because the results of his leadership have been quite impressive.

One of the most notable changes which he’s helped spearhead has been a switch to solar power. In 2013, he unveiled a 1 megawatt solar array on campus. This solar array is not only a move in the right direction for the campus, but an example to the state at large. It’s not surprising that he’d be in a position to really understand the resources of the area though. The Los Angeles native has his family roots deeply tied to the area.

This has not only helped him to understand what resources are available, but to understand the community as a whole. He’s been deeply involved with the community around campus, and this is one of many reasons why there’s so little cultural separation there. While many areas find that resentment between students and locals can build, Veitch has ensured that there’s always a welcoming atmosphere for everyone. Part of this has been an open outreach with The Eagle Rock Association in order to ensure that relations aren’t simply cordial, but friendly. As part of this interaction, Veitch was able to focus on reuse of resources and a plant to build upon an existing infrastructure. This is something which has not only proven good for the community, but for the College as well.

One of the most important aspects of Veitch’s life in the area has been working to help the community as a whole. Part of this has come from working on creating a superb environment for students. Another part has come from setting a good environmental example. The use of solar power and reuse of resources, for example. But part of this has also come about from really engaging the community. He’s been quite open and vocal during interviews about how he sees the area changing over time, and what everyone might do to really engage with the process.


Christopher Cowdray is an award-winning hotel management veteran. Born in Zimbabwe, he has risen to become the CEO of one of the best hotel management companies in the world. His vision, understanding of the wants and needs of guests of high-end hotels, and his ability to hire, train, and retain top-notch staff are what set him apart. Cowdray began his preparation for the field by getting a degree in hotel management in his native Zimbabwe. He then graduated from the Executive Program at Columbia University in New York.

Since graduating from Columbia, he has gone on to successfully manage hotels all over the world. On The Caterer, they have documented most of his achievements. They’ve included stints in the Middle East, Australia, the United Kingdom, Asia, and Africa. Now with over 30 years experience in the industry he has been tapped to be CEO of The Dorchester Collection, a company that operates some of the most famous luxury hotels in the United States and Europe. It is the perfect position for a man who earned his stripes by proving he can satisfy customers the world over and lead any hotel to profitability.

Cowdray came to the attention of the Dorchester Group Ltd., the company which owns The Dorchester Collection, when he took over as managing director of the Dorchester Hotel in London in 2004. He had previously managed the famous London hotel called Claridge’s. Cowdray proved to be a perfect fit for the Dorchester Hotel. Once the Dorchester Group Limited saw the success he had in 3 years at the Dorchester, they offered him the position as CEO of The Dorchester Collection.

Since taking over The Dorchester Collection in 2007, he has overseen the acquisition of the New York Palace Hotel, Hotel Bel-Air, Hotel Eden in Rome, 45 Park Lane and Cosworth Park in England, and Le Richemond in Geneva. He has done such good work at The Dorchester Collection that 2013 at the European Hospitality Awards he was honored with the Lifetime Achievement Award. It was a fitting tribute for a man who had made his name by leading hotels on 4 continents to sustained profitability and acclaim by overseeing the improvement of the quality of the hotels and the services they offered.

Now, as CEO of The Dorchester Collection, he handles some of the world’s top luxury hotels and helps them to provide top-notch guest services in an atmosphere reflecting the unique culture of each hotel’s location.


Investors today commonly feel challenged by the task of trying to balance the risk associated with different types of investments against the opportunity for growth and profit of capital. But if you read CNBC’s article where Sam Tabar reveals his investment tips for the new year, you might find those words of wisdom that you’ve been looking for.By understanding more about what his outlook on investments is and what strategies he follows with investments, you may be able to apply his ideology to your own efforts.

 Before you spend time learning more about Tabar’s strategies and ideology regarding investments, you may be wondering who he is. Tabar works as both a capital strategist and an attorney in New York City. His previous work experience includes high level positions in firms like Bank of America, Merrill Lynch, SPARX Group Co./PMA Investment Advisors and others. His focus in these positions has been in the legal field with knowledge and expertise in areas related to hedge funds, fund structure, compliance and regulatory issues. Before beginning his professional career, he attended Oxford University and Columbia Law School. Clearly, Tabar is a thoroughly educated and well-experienced individual with considerable insight and knowledge in the areas of risk and opportunity related to investments.

 When Tabar worked for Merrill Lynch, he served as the Head of Asia Pacific Capital Introduction. In this role, he learned more about how to spot a safe investment opportunity in the commodities market as well as what to look out for with regards to problem products. He believes that the keys to making sound investment decisions at any level is to research the investment option thoroughly, including its history. By understanding more about its past, you are better able to reasonably and accurately speculate about the potential for future growth. He also believes that the key to a thoughtful and sound investment lies in its management. He believes that poorly managed funds simply do not have the same likelihood for success as funds that are soundly managed. He state the US Natural Gas Fund and its loss of more than 75 percent as a prime example of a poorly managed fund.

 There are a considerable number of sound and intelligent investment opportunities available in the commodities market today, but not all of these opportunities are good investment options to pursue. It is imperative that you take a closer look at the fund’s past performance as well as the management that is responsible for the fund if you want to enjoy the best overall opportunity for success with your investments. The fact is that all types of investments come with some level of risk and uncertainty, but expert Sam Tabar believes that this strategy and research on your part will help you to decrease your risk and increase your opportunity for profit and gain with your investments.


With the start of the New Year, there is but one thing on many peoples mind and that is their New Year’s resolution. According to a recent survey conducted by Fidelity Investments, 54% of consumers plan to make financial resolutions for the coming year. Luckily, Columbia Law School graduate, prominent attorney, and capital strategist Sam Tabar released, to CNBC.com, tips for novice investors.

One thing that Tabar wants to caution newbies on going into is commodity trading. His reasons being that commodity trading can be more risky than stocks or mutual funds. Commodity trading deals with, but is not limited to, oil, gold, cotton, sugar, wheat, lumbar, silver and other precious metals. Sam Tabar says “I would not recommend commodity trading for the novice or casual investor. It takes quite a bit of research to profit in commodity trading. Commodity investors must also have the financial wherewithal to absorb the potential short term losses often found in such a volatile sector.

Another alternate to traditional stock markets in investing in social entrepreneur. Social entrepreneurs are individuals with innovative solutions to society’s most pressing matters. As social entrepreneurship is on the rise, investing in social startups is a good opportunity to make some money while helping others. Tabar speaks from personal experience, as he recently invested in Thinx. Thinx is a socially conscious women’s undergarment manufacture that donates seven washable cotton sanitary pads to young women in Africa.

Though you may think you want to go in one singular investment, Tabar stresses the importance of a properly diversified portfolio. Tabar states, “It is easy for a novice to get wrapped up in a new and exciting investment vehicle, or a stock that is currently outperforming its peers. But all good things must come to an end, and you want to make sure that you do not have all your eggs in one basket when that hot stock comes back down to Earth.”

While the tips that Tabar has given are good, it his final tidbit that really makes the most sense. “The best time to start investing is the present. You do not want to look back in your retirement years and wish you had begun investing sooner.”



How unlikely is this pairing? A handcuffed juvenile being brought in on burglary charges was set in front of the booking officer when the officer started having chest pains and keeled over.  According to Biz Journals, the teen’s quick thinking of checking the officer and yelling for help will allow him to recover fully.

Who knows what will happen in one day’s time? This young man, Marc Sparks, went from getting caught committing a crime to being a hero in one day’s time. We already know how this has changed the officer’s life, but who knows how this will change the teen’s life. Just think maybe this was the pivotal moment in this young man’s life where he decides to change his path. This young man could be the next great Cardiologist, a future Dr. Oz  if you will.

I believe in people’s power of change. That young man could have let that officer die and done nothing. But now he and everyone can see the power and benefits of standing up and doing the right thing regardless of someone’s circumstances. Who knows how many young people were inspired by this teen’s action.


Brazilian Investments

Brazil has a fast growing economy, where wages and lines of credit are rising while unemployment is dropping. However, investment law in Brazil can leave entrepreneurs feeling like they are hacking through a dense jungle of overgrown regulations and codes. Investors need a robust and serious team of professionals in their corner when venturing into the Brazilian economic scene. BRL Trust Investments has a proven track record of success that has inspired investor confidence since 2005.

BRL Trust Investments – Providing Trust, Transparency an Integrity

BRL Trust Investments originally debuted in Brazilian economic scene as a loan provider. Consumer trust quickly grew, fostered by a corporate ethos of excellent customer service and exceptional knowledge of innovative investment techniques. BRL Trust is now the largest independent administrator of investment funds in Brazil. What has set BRL Trust Investments apart from other firms in Brazil? Their unique set of processes and controls gives them an edge that many have attempted to emulate, but none can reproduce.

Business Services Offered by BRL Trust Investments

Fiduciary Services

The BRL Trustee Service offers an innovative resource to investors, known as the Assets Control System (referred to as the SCA). The SCA specializes in the tracking, monitoring and collection of various loans. Ensuring the safety of lenders, the SCA allows venture capitalists to examine potential risks, relying upon the metrics BRL carefully produces. With a diverse and expansive portfolio, clients are sure to get the information they need for appropriate risk reduction in lending.

Control & Custodial Services

BRL is authorized to provide control and custodial services to investment funds under the authority of the Securities Commission. The Securities Commission is an independent organization linked to the Brazilian Ministry of Finance. As the regulatory commission that oversees Brazil’s capital market and its contributors, this organization protects consumers and insists upon market transparency.

This means that BRL is charged with the duty of acting as an intermediary, dictating a policy of fair trade and rooting out fraud. BRL’s control functions include reconciling assets with depositories or clearinghouses, controlling corporate dividends and commanding security lending. In their custodial role, BRL is trusted to ensure accurate asset pricing and precise tax payments. BRL promotes market transparency by reporting to regulatory agencies and disseminating investment fund occurrences.

Asset Services

Other services offered to businesses are asset management and underwriting. BRL parlays their experience and knowledge of investment funds into solutions geared toward fulfilling the needs of their investors. By promoting investment, BRL is an important part of the successful capitalization of the Brazilian market. This firm has played a large role in Brazil’s global emergence as a serious economic contender.

BRL Trust Investments values ethical and lawful interactions above all else. The firm upholds the virtues of a free economy through their daily financial interactions. The best interests of the client will always be considered, as reliability and trust are among the founding principals of the organization. With sound technical knowledge and extensive experience, BRL Trust Investment’s growth potential is seemingly unlimited.


Obviously, if you’re a follower of my blog you know that I have concerns about a lot of different things. One of those was my back. When I developed back pain, I learned pretty quickly that I’m not alone. Thankfully I found North American Spine online.

North American Spine is a back specialist based out of Dallas, Texas. This medical facility aims at treating back pain through minimal surgical options. Of course, if there is a way to treat the back, North American Spine is going to do everything in its path that does not require any sort of surgery at all. In fact, there are all sorts of options that can treat back pain, depending on what the problem is. However, for those times where a change to a person’s diet, daily routine or medication does not work, North American Spine is right there, able to walk the person through whatever sort of requirements are necessary, all in the hopes of curing the individual’s back issues.

Now, as North American Spine points out, there are three different sections of the back, each of which deals with different kinds of pain. Most of the causes of pain found in these three areas are generally natural causes, although there can be some problems that occur after a vehicle accident or sudden trauma. The first section is known as the cervical spine, or neck region. This is right where the top seven vertebrae connect with the neck. In most cases, the pain right here is caused by compression problems in the neck. It might be because the different bones in the neck are pushed down and not have been stretched out properly. This can cause serious pain that not only stays in the neck, but also runs down the arms into the hands and fingers as well. Neck pain can be extremely difficult to deal with, as it makes it hard to turn the neck at all. When the neck turns, it can cause a sudden stabbing or pinching sensation, which then shoots pain down the arms. This sort of a situation can be serious, so whenever someone suffers form this kind of a pain, they need to seek out the professional assistance of North American Spine.

The upper back region is sandwiched between the two other areas of the spine. This is made up of 12 vertebrae and also connects to the ribs and is used to protect the heart and lungs. In general, people do not suffer from problems in this area of the spine as it is more use to stabilize the rest of the spinal cord and also support the rib cage. Usually, if there is some sort of pain found here, it is due to an accident or impact to the spine. It also can mean there is an abnormal growth on the spine. Should someone suffer from an injury right here, they need to seek out the North American Spine professionals right away.

Lastly, North American Spine works with the lower back. Also known as the lumbar spine region, most back pain originates right here. The lumbar plays a very large role in a person’s flexibility. Also, when a person sits down, the majority of their body weight compresses down onto the lower back, not to mention it can also compress nerves right in here as well. Pain in the lower back may run down the legs into the feet, the same way as pain in the neck region can run down into the arms. Now, some pain in this region (as is the case with other regions of the spine), may be corrected by simply changing a daily routine. However, if this does not work or correct the problem, the team at North American Spine is able to perform the minimal invasive surgery. This creates the smallest incision possible to remove whatever the problem is.

Before he launched TriStar Productions for Sony, Tom Rothman sat at the helm of Fox Searchlight and Fox Films for many years. He made the studio into one that was more profitable than any other in the industry. You might not know his name, but he has been behind the production of some of the most influential films of the last 25 years. 

Today, he is taking his approach to making films to Sony Pictures. Sony Pictures has asked Rothman to head a project that is going to join TriStar Pictures with the power of Sony. This new studio is going to be called TriStar Productions. The goal is to make TV and movies under this new name, and Rothman believes that television might be the place where he can gain the most traction.

Columbia-educated Rothman has always been frugal when working on productions, and this has made his bosses a great deal of money in the past. However, he knows that filmmakers need money to make their characters come to life. He knows that his system will make it easier for directors to make television shows that people will want to watch.

Rothman’s design could create television in 2015 and beyond that is going to be more powerful than ever before. TV shows tend to last only a couple season because the studios want to see more revenue coming from ads. However, Rothman has come up with plans that are going to help the studio produce TV shows that are going to make money and stick around. When these TV shows are able to stick around, he can get the viewer more invested in all the characters. 

He knows that people will want to watch TV shows that look more beautiful, and he believes that he can give people the TV they want at this new venture between Sony and TriStar.


Global Survey Of Writers Reveal Concern With Government Surveillance

Big brother is watching. I just finished feeding my pup his morning Beneful when I stumbled across a survey conducted by the PEN American Center that found an alarming number of writers that avoid or consider avoiding controversial topics. The Center’s findings show that freedom of expression is being censored in some way in democratic as well as nondemocratic countries. Over 75 percent of the writers who participated in the survey say they are worried that the word free really means “free with conditions.”

The online survey was conducted in the fall of 2014, and yielded responses from 772 fiction and nonfiction writers in 50 countries. Editors and translators also responded. The survey included writers that were affiliated with PEN, and others the group was able to contact. Suzanne Nossel the executive director of the PEN American Center said the survey showed a major concern about government mass surveillance tactics. 

The 2013 PEN survey showed similar results. Writers in the United States indicated that mass surveillance was significantly damaging free expression and the flow of information across the globe. The information gathered by government may not be put to use immediately, but it does present a threat to freedom. 

Ms. Nossel summed up the results this way: “Writers are the ones who experience encroachments on freedom of expression most acutely, or first. The idea that we see some similar patterns in free countries to those we’ve traditionally associated with unfree countries is pretty distressing.”

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