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Eric Pulier: Using Technology To Better Lives

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Childhood and Education


Eric Pulier spent his childhood in Teaneck, New Jersey. He attended the local high school, Teaneck High. As a young kid, Eric fascinated many with his proficiency in computer programming. By the time he left high school, he had already inaugurated his private database company.


As a result of his excellence, Eric got the privilege of joining the renowned Harvard University. He majored English and American Literature, as well as Computer Science during his time on campus. Additionally, he was a member of the editorial team of the Harvard Crimson, the college’s newspaper.


Xprize and entrepreneurship


Eric is a prominent entrepreneur who is credited for the start-up of numerous ventures, with a bias to the technology sector. Among the companies whose inauguration is affiliated to Eric includes’ Digital Evolution, Akana, Desktone, and Media Platform just to name a few. Additionally, Eric has invested in capital funds in institutions such as Trident Capital and Monitor Ventures.


Xprize is an initiative started by Pulier to acknowledge individuals who realize their maximum potential. Willing participants are put through competitions after which winners are awarded. The objective of this program was to motivate those who have ideas but cannot afford the means of bringing them to fruition. So far, this incentive has transformed the lives of many people.




Eric is a regular supporter of humanitarian causes, especially when children are involved. He is an executive at Painted Turtle, a summer camp for kids who suffer from terminal illnesses. Eric has bequeathed the group with significant amounts of money to cover for the expensive medication costs as well as provide a comfortable camping experience.


Eric Pulier has also used his technology expertise to improve the lives of children with permanent health conditions. He created Starbright World, an online interactive community for kids with chronic illnesses. Furthermore, he developed a game, named Starlight Diabetes, which tailored for diabetic children- to help them gain a better understanding of the condition.


In addition to supporting children’s charitable causes, Eric is also recognized for being the pioneer of the digital education program for multiple sclerosis patients. His exemplary work laid the ground for the use of personal computers to deliver sophisticated digital learning experiences, especially for people who have been handicapped by a disease.



Stephen Rotella Rise To The Top

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Stephen Rotella is a man with a heart of gold, going out of his way to engage in not one, not two, but six different awesome causes including being a chairman at The Papermill, ArtsFund, YouthCare Seattle, and the Seattle Foundation, as well as standing as Chair of the Board for the BalletMet and LIFT, Inc.

As an alumni of Stony Brook University where he gained his Bachelor’s Degree in Economics back in 1971 as well as the SUNY University of Alabama where he gained his Master of Business Administration in Information Technology/Finance in 1978, Stephen was always right at the cusp of greatness which he effortlessly proved upon graduation when he joined with Accenture that same year as their Senior Consultant.

After working hard for two years at Accenture, in 1984 Steven Rotella moved on from his excellent beginning to work for The Reserve Group for four years as their Vice President of Product Development before moving next on to be the Vice President of Shearson Lehman Inc. for another three years before moving again to another job, this time one of which he would find his calling for as the Chief Executive Officer of Chase Home Finance at the renowned J.P. Morgen.

Lasting at the company for a whopping 18 years, spending his time with J.P. Morgen in the greater New York City area, as well as Columbus, Ohio, and New Jersey, Rotella eventually decided it was time to try something new again, so he joined the team at WaMu as the company’s President and Chief Executive Officer in 2005 where he remained for another three years in the greater Seattle area before moving on to become the Chief Executive Officer at StoneCastle Cash Management and the President of StoneCastle Partners, LLC.

Currently still working at StoneCastle Cash Management and StoneCastle Partners, LLC., Stephen Rotella focuses his career out of New York, New York where he lives happily as a vital member of both businesses and many groups invested in the community and providing a better tomorrow for the business world as well as the world at whole.

Mike Baur Builds Swiss Start Up Factory

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Mike Baur is giving people that want to start their own businesses the benefit of a doubt. In fact, some people might say that Baur is giving people more than the benefit of a doubt. What Mike is doing is helping start-up businesses make a global presence. Every entrepreneur is not going to make it. The ones that do are not the ones that depend on luck. The entrepreneurs that make it to the top are the ones that get help that they need from business modeling experts like Mike Baur.


With the Swiss Start Up Factory Mike Baur is basically giving new entrepreneurs a Business 101 styled lessons on what it means to build a business. Mike Baur is giving the work environment a slew of much more productive entrepreneurs. It is not an overnight process. That is why Mike Baur is helping business men and women get together in collaborative work sessions. He is building the bridge for mentoring sessions and bringing in expert trainers. That is important in the business world.


The thing that Mike Baur does best is give investors the chance to make a connection with other investors and entrepreneurs. This is often one of the biggest problems around. When entrepreneurs do not know how to get investors it can be a lot of trouble. This can be a really hard thing when the funding is not available for entrepreneurs that have business ideas. This is why the accelerator program exists. It gives people access coaching and mentoring. The startup process through this Swiss Start Up Factory has made it possible for people to give people access to better business plans. It is easy to build on your business and measure your growth.


Mike Baur gives people the opportunity to actually reach ambitious milestones. There is a 3 month program and a 6 month post accelerator support option. There are a lot of active startups that are currently in need of funding. There are all types of options for entrepreneurs to invest when they get connected to the 360 Services. Programs like Beacons Mind and Car Helper that are in need of funding. There are others like VeloHub and Hello Vegan that are seeking investors as well. Mike Baur is helping these entrepreneurs connect with investors. He is also helping these companies become a lot more successful with mentoring program that designed to strengthen businesses.


A Look at Human Sexuality, Astrology and the Kabbalah Centre

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The Los Angeles Kabbalah Centre traces its origins to what is know the Jewish State of Israel. The Kabbalist organization in that part of the world was established in 1925. From there, in 1965, the predecessor of the LA Kabbalah Centre opened its doors in New York City. Ultimately, the LA Kabbalah Centre was founded in 1984.

The LA Kabbalah Centre is a non-profit organization. Over the course of the past there decades, the LA Kabbalah Centre has garnered a significant following. In addition, the Kabbalah Centre has established branch locations in about 50 cities around the world. There are also hundreds of study groups up and running, connected to the Kabbalah Centre. Finally, a person can access Kabbalah Centre courses online.

When it comes to human sexuality, Kabbalist teaching from the Kabbalah Centre suggested that the most Light to be derived from sex occurs at a point in time directly after midnight on Saturday morning. Light references the spiritual connection between a person and the essence of God.

The Kabbalah Centre also teaches that males should refrain from masturbating. The Kabbalah Centre indicated that semen generated in this manner, through masturbation, is without love and does not serve its intended purpose.

The Kabbalah Centre maintains that a man should not experience orgasm before his female partner does so. The teachers at the Kabbalah Centre suggest that doing so is selfish.

In addition to teachings on human sexuality, the Kabbalah Centre also has instruction regarding the relationship between Kabbalah and astrology. The teachers at the Kabbalah Centre maintain that there is a strong connection between astrology and Kabbalah. In fact, astrology was studied closely by Jewish scholars, particularly beginning in the Middle Ages. Rav Berg, the founder of the Kabbalah Centre, has written a number of texts on the interrelationship between Kabbalah and astrology. for more.


Sujit Choudhry and Comparative constitutional law

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The globally acknowledged authority of comparative constitutional law is known as Sujit Choudry. Comparative law involves adding up the wide range of legal systems and comparing them. One examines the differences between the various legal systems in different countries. In the globe, there exists a variety of legal systems with various laws. They include the canon law, Islamic law, Socialist law, Jewish law, Hindu law as well as Chinese law. Over the years, it has become vital because of the globalization of international trade and harmonizing of the legislation to the systematization of European Union. The Institute of European and Comparative Law was started in 1995, and today it is the premier research institution globally and has considerably dealt with the legal issues in different countries. Besides this, it provides education on the comparative law through the various seminars and conferences it holds.

Sujit Choudhry is a consultant to constitutional building processes in various countries such as Egypt, Libya, Jordan, Nepal, South African, Tunisia as well as Ukraine. He addresses a broad range of issues in comparative constitutional law. The effects include the transition of countries of having violent political systems to diplomatic and democratic politics. He also examines legal patterns in ethnically divided countries. In these, he explores the minority and group rights, the official language as well as the legal courts

 Sujit Choudhry was awarded bachelor of law degree at the University of Oxford. He was also awarded a master’s degree in Harvard law school in 1998. He has also been awarded a Bachelor of Science degree in Mc Gill University.

In comparative constitutional law, one also examines the sound patterns in the context of the rule used. It aids in the transition from authoritarian rule to democratic governance. The comparative constitutional law also deals with security sector. Here, it examines safety system oversight.

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Comparative law is also vital as one gets to understand the various constitutional systems in different countries. It is also crucial in the trade sector as one gets to know the various business laws in different countries which are of importance to the young entrepreneurs.  Check this on

Choudry has published a variety of books concerning comparative constitutional law. He has put out over 90 articles, books, working papers, and reports. They include; The Migration of Constitutional Ideas (Cambridge 2006), Constitutional design for divided societies, The Oxford Handbook of Indian communities among others. He has also written intensely on Canadian legal law. Choudhry is an associate of International Society of Public laws. Besides that, he is a member of an international journal and constitutional law and the Editorial Boards of constitutional court review.

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Clay Siegall Celebrates The Growth Of Seattle Genetics In Offering Cancer Solutions

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Cancer is one of the most talked about disease and its place in human history has left many hopeless. Getting solutions to curing this menace could lead to great achievements for the world and possibly offer those suffering from the disease a chance to celebrate life once more. Several research institutes across the world have made strides in the development of drugs for the treatment of cancer for many years and with new technology, their effort has earned great results. One of the companies in this industry that is making impact is Seattle Genetics, which has been developing solutions for diseases since 1998.

Chaired and managed by Clay Siegall, Seattle Genetics is one of the best-performing companies in cancer research. With the introduction of the ADC Technology, it has made great strides into offering the world a reliable way of fighting cancer. This technology works on a principle that looks to eliminate the cells that are infected while ignoring those that are healthy. Initially, it would be difficult to direct rays on a region where the cancer cells are concentrated without interfering with healthy cells, and this further weakened the patient. It is a big step towards fighting cancer to see that Seattle Genetics is offering safer and reliable solutions that will revolutionize the treatment of cancer in the near future.

About Clay Siegall

Clay Siegall is a founding member, chairman of Board, President and the CEO of Seattle Genetics. He is a scientist by profession and this explains the reason the company was founded on a platform that values research and the development of advanced solutions for the treatment of various ailments. He has helped Seattle Genetics to advance from a small entity to an established research and drug development company.

During his tenure as the CEO, he has helped Seattle Genetics to come up with highly sophisticated methods of treatment and the ADC Technology, which is one of their most significant achievements. Clay Siegall graduated from the University of Maryland with a Bachelor of Science in Zoology degree and went for a Ph.D in Genetics at the Washington University.

The Art of Financial Management: Kevin Seawright’s Concept

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Kevin Seawright is finance whiz specializing in economic strategy. He works as a leader with Newark Economic Development Corporation, a role he took over in 2015. Newark Economic Development Corporation was formed to foster economic development in New Jersey especially through real estate development.

According to Market Wired, Kevin Seawright has diverse experience in several areas of financial management including accounting, business processes management and capital management. He holds a Master of Business Administration from Mendoza College of Business in Indiana.

At Newark Economic Development Corporation, Kevin Seawright has a direct role of fostering economic growth through attracting, growing, and preserving businesses, enhancing the role of diversity and startups businesses.

Previously, he has worked as a Fiscal Officer in the Baltimore’s Commission on Aging and Retirement, where he accomplished to cost cut expenses by approximately $100,000 by devising and implementing new accounting system.

That is not all; Kevin rose through the ranks from the Payroll Director to a Director of Finance and later to a Chief Financial and Facilities Officer and Deputy Chief Operating Officer of the Housing Authority, the Department of Housing and Community Development, Department of Recreation and Parks and Education Department respectively.

He demonstrated unique team skills, business knowledge and governmental operations proficiency while working for the city of Baltimore.

Crunchbase said that Kevin Seawright has also demonstrated competence in the private sector as he worked as a strategic partner director with Tito Contractors’ Finance and Human Capital in Washington.

While working here he managed to change the business returns planning as part of the company’s strategic plan, a move that saw the company increase its revenues by close to 25% over the years. Learn more about more Kevin Seawright:

In my opinion, this is exceptional as it’s not an all day event that we experience a company increasing revenues by 25%.

Mr. Seawright has featured on several media outlets among them, Market Wired, and the Market Watch. According to one of the magazines – the Market Wired, Kevin has a great reputation for having effectively led company reorganization strategies in New Jersey.

Kevin also sits in the boards of Babe Ruth Museum, is a member of the National Forum for Black Public Administrators, the American Society for Public Administration, the National Association of Black Accountants and is a coach for local youth sports teams. In 2010, he received the Bridges to the Future award for finance and operational professionals.

Kim Dao’s Korean Makeup Haul & Review

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Kim Dao goes over a major Korean makeup haul in the video that you can click and watch here. Kim Dao is a self-professed make up lover, which is why she bought so many new items on her recent makeup shopping trip in Korea. The first brand that Kim Dao features is LABIOTTE. Kim Dao mentions that this is a new brand for her, and that she purchased it because of the recommendations of her friends. The first round of products that she features from this brand are cute tubes of wine lipsticks. Kim Dao feels that these lipsticks provide optimal moisture to the lips, and she loves the colors. Kim Dao even got lip tints from the same brand, and each one comes in the same adorable wine shaped package. Kim Dao even reveals that if you lick your lips while wearing this product, you will taste wine. Kim Dao continues on the route of these wine inspired products by highlighting the Wine Angle Mascara from Chateau LABIOTTE. Although the brush is curved to make for easier application, Kim Dao mentions that she’s not a fan of this particular product. There are several other products that Kim Dao does love from the many brands and items that she grabbed on her recent haul. more of her video here.

Hussain Sajwani Is An Accomplished Realty Investor.

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The legendary Properties Chairman of the esteemed DAMAC Properties is the famous Hussain Sajwani. His realty group, known as DAMAC Properties, is situated in the city of Dubai, located inside of the UAE, or the United Arab Emirates. Mr. Hussain Sajwani began the properties group in the year 2002. This group was made possible when a governmental announcement in Dubai stating that foreigners can now own properties that are located in the Emirates. His group, DAMAC Properties, is recorded as being the largest, most creative private realty organization throughout the coverage of the Middle East.


Hussain Sajwani is celebrated for being a charitable person in the country of Dubai. From the use of his group, DAMAC Properties, Sajwani has provided more or less two million of his family’s Arab Emirates Dollars, which are also called AED’s, in an attempt to acquire badly needed garments for deprived children no matter where they might live on the planet. People who know Sajwani realize that his enormous gift will provide outfits to an excess of over 50,000 needy children.


A hospitality unit was created within his group, DAMAC Properties, they have branded the unit under the name of DAMAC Maison. There, they exclusively customize their services for the residents living within the approximately 8,000 living quarters, 2,810 more likely to be constructed within one year.


The services of DAMAC Properties have become associated with President Trump. This enterprise is to help construct golf courses inside of Dubai and brand them under Trump’s company name. Hussain attempted to give a beneficial $2 billion deal to President Trump for realty in Dubai; nevertheless, Trump had to turn down any involvement, because of his Presidential loyalty. Trump’s family, for example his wife or children, don’t have a conflict of interest pertaining to conducting successful realty contracts with Sajwani, or from employing the Trump product name in Dubai. This was mentioned to Mr. Trump by Sajwani, as he was eating dinner with Trump. Sajwani explained that the President might evade contractual conflicts, if those contracts, were allegedly with Trump’s children.




Top 3 Secrets of Success that Keep Cotemar at the Top!

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In the wake of the growing oil industry in Mexico, Cotemar has proved to be second to none! It specializes in offshore maintenance, specialized ships, maritime services, offshore construction, as well as petroleum services. Cotemar has been in operations for nearly four decades now; hence, the company is infused with a lot of experience. It started with a sole purpose of developing the oil industry in Mexico by providing a variety of services to the oil companies.


Over 37 years later, the oil industry is now one of the biggest and most lucrative sectors of the Mexican economy. And part of this can be attributed to the hard work instilled by Cotemar. The company is goal-oriented and is focused on providing top quality support and services to their clients.


So how do they do it? Here are three secrets that have made Cotemar one of the biggest companies in the Mexican oil industry:


Business Ethics

Cotemar uses business ethics to effectively communicate its principles and guidelines that go hand in hand with their values and transparency. The company is based on an environmental, social, as well as economic commitment that is shared by people within the organization. Their actions are majorly symbolized by integrity within and outside the organization.


Improve Lifestyle for the Society

The company promotes community developments and family integration by providing education programs, regular sporting activities, establishing medical facilities, as well as providing industry safety programs. In addition, the company also creates employments for youths in the community and promotes the cultures within the society by sponsoring regular cultural events. The society is always appreciative of the things that Cotemar has and continues doing to improve their lifestyles.


Happy Employees

After interviewing several employees, it is evident that Cotemar is the ideal employer. The company provides its workers with the appropriate work environment that prevents and limits the chances of accidents occurring. The employees are also well-trained on the specifics of their work as well as the safety measures to take in case of any incidents. Many workers also praise the level of commitment that Cotemar shows towards them by offering comfortable lodging and food facilities.


The company is also focusing on developing a workforce in different niches such as project management, catering, administrative, engineering and much more. Working for Cotemar gives you an opportunity to nurture your skills and knowledge by providing an interactive, rewarding, as well as a challenging working environment.