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JustFab Inc. Adam Goldenberg Changes the Path of the Fashion Industry

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Chief Executive Officer Adam Goldenberg of JustFab Inc. has dominated the fashion industry. The company has reached over 1 billion in sales revenue, which other companies should be very impressed with. Continuing what is obviously a great partnership, Adam and co-founder Don Ressler, have gone way beyond what would otherwise be expected by non-fashion power forces.

JustFab Inc. which is headquartered in Los Angeles, amongst the celebrity fashion-elites of the world, produces anything from clothing, shoes, boots, jewelry, to handbags. The company strictly focuses on quality products with the goal of reimagining the fashion business in a way that enhances people’s lives. Upon receiving an impressive $33 million venture capital in 2011, and another $76 million in 2012, this allowed Adam Goldenberg to focus on expanding the company’s brand, which continues to show market growth.

In October 2013, JustFab Inc. announced its unveiling of another huge clothing line success, Fabletics, which is an active-wear clothing line.

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Joining forces with well-known actress Kate Hudson, and by taking an industry risk, Adam Goldenberg paved a new way for how clothing is marketed and sold. Starting with the mantra “Live Your Passion”, Fabletics has become a huge success with how its helped women purchase quality merchandise at an affordable price, and with the power of on-line convenience. Using a membership status program to purchase items, Fabletics has over 5 million members, including an astounding 1 million VIP members. To date, the clothing line has completed 2.5 million in shipped orders. With this type of non-traditional variety shopping, JustFab Inc. has continued to dictate the fashion industry standards.

Adam has an exceptional entrepreneurial spirit, which started him on his journey, at age 16. He began with his own company at such a young age in 1997 with an advertising network of gaming sites, and then later became the youngest COO by joining Intermix Media in 1999. Adam’s focus has remained on delivering market results that are extraordinary. He has an outstanding business sense for giving consumers a great product, along with excellent marketing innovation at just about the seemingly right time.

JustFab Inc., which recently changed its name to Tech Style Fashion Group, continues to lead the fashion industry with innovative and creative ideas. The company has plans in development for Fabletics to have 100 brick and mortar stores opened within the next few years. The company has also expanded its operations in Canada, Germany and the UK.

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Giving Back To The Community

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One of New York’s finest entrepreneurs goes by the name of Keith Mann. As the founder of Dynamic Search Partners he understands what it takes to succeed in New York City. Education is a major part of that so Mann provides support to Uncommon Schools. He hopes to combine the needs of students with the goals of Dynamic Search Partners. The funds Mann raised total around $20,000 and will pay for SAT and AP testing for the students at the school. This fundraiser isn’t the first time Uncommon Schools has teamed up with the search firm. Since 2013 the two have been interconnected.



The Man Behind It All

Keith Mann has worked in the executive search industry for over 15 years. His work at Dynamic Search has helped many of the world’s leading financial service firms find executive talent. After discovering many hedge funds were in need of talent he expanded his search firms operations to include scouting for hedge fund talent. Beyond finance he has also assisted companies in finding talent for marketing and internal strategies as well. In 2009 he founded Dynamic Search Partners and devoted its business activities to alternative investment talent. As CEO of DSP he oversees the scouting talent of the company and the bridges the company has built over time.



The Decision To Support Uncommon Schools

Uncommon Schools was chosen by Keith Man because it reflects the sort of values he has built his scounting agency around. With over 42 charter schools across New York, Massachusetts, and New Jersey the nonprofit has helped to advance the education of low income students living in the northeastern United States and prepare them for college. With the help DSP has provided them the school is able to provide testing, textbooks, and other services to students unable to receive them on their own.


Sleep Apnea Diagnosis and treatment by Dr. Avi Weisfogel

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Dental professionals and medical physicians have teamed up to fight sleep apnea. According to research and advancements in the previous years, more information is being released about the condition. In recent years, there have been discoveries that sleep apnea is linked to other diseases such as stroke and diabetes. Dr. Avi Weisfogel has dedicated a lot of time in his career to find a solution to the problem of sleep apnea. He has developed new and advanced technologies that should help ease the problem.


As the founder of the Sleep Master, Mr. Weisfogel has assisted in the creation of a working model for certified doctors. The program aims to generate a better patient care when undertaking advancements in the local community. Diagnosis of sleep apnea in future is expected to increase and be fast. Such advancements in technology have resulted in multiple new diagnosis. According to statistics, 90% of people that suffer from sleep apnea hardly get diagnosed and continually remain with the disorder. This has put the lives of many people at risk.


The new program expects to find diagnoses of sleep apnea quite quickly. Such advancements in technology by Dr. Avi Weisfogel plans to relieve undiagnosed people suffering from the condition. Sleep apnea is a condition that requires an increased and fast awareness. Dr. Weisfogel strives to shed new light on the serious condition. With the new program labeled Dental Sleep Masters, he has formulated a model where primary and secondary physicians can easily diagnose the condition in the laboratories where they operate. The model is aimed at improving medical treatment solutions in the community and offer a better treatment plan for patients with apnea.


Dr. Avi Weisfogel is behind the success of Dental Sleep Masters. His extensive research in sleep dates back to over five years ago. He established himself as a dental practitioner in 1999 under a firm named Old Bridge Dental Care. He has managed the office for more than fifteen years where he has earned a wide acclaim and praise from the community. He begun exploring on sleep and learning of different ways that physicians and dentists can help patients that suffer with the disorder.


Keeping The Family Tradition Alive

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Some families are just good at doing certain things. There are families of doctors, families of politicians, and then there are families of freedom fighters like the family of Thor Halvorssen Mendoza. Reaching far back into his heritage you find the likes of South American freedom fighter Simon Bolivar who, in their own way, fought against autocrats and others who use their power to abuse.

Stepping In His Father’s Shoes

His parents, Norwegian businessman Thor Hellum and Venezuelan native Hilda Mendoza, have seen their fair share of the darker side of corruption and abuse of human rights. When Hellum decided to investigate possible money laundering and drug trafficking rackets within the Venezuelan government he was incarcerated on charges of terrorism. Although he was eventually declared innocent of those charges Hellum’s imprisonment had a massive impact on the psychology of his son. Learn more about Thor Halvorssen:

The First Steps

Halvorssen made his first major efforts to promote human rights in 1999 when he exposed labor abuses committed by Lucent Technologies in China. After Thor Halvorssen exposed the company’s decision to use factories located in Laogai,an area of China known for forced labor camps, a campaign to change Lucent Technologies’ policies in China emerged. Activists used the campaign to push the company into agreeing to avoid any contracts with companies known to use slave labor.

Taking On The Burden

According to Crunchbase, In 2004 Thor Halvorssen founded the Human Rights Foundation. Using this new organization Halvorssen set out to expose and confront authoritarianism around the world. Understanding the importance of winning hearts and minds Halvorssen frequently produces documentaries to help potential activists understand exactly what’s at stake. With the rise of movements such as Arab Spring or the recent resurgence of activism in China the impact is visible. The risks Thor Halvorssen takes are paying off.

Achievements of Dr. Jennifer Walden

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Dr. Jennifer has been among the successful women in the field of medicine by offering qualified services to her clients. In this way, she has gained the trust of many people who are willing to improve their looks and feel confident about themselves. She was recently ranked among the twenty four best cosmetics surgeons in United States by Harpers’ Bazaar magazine. After training with one of the best surgeons in New York, she was able to establish her own successful practice in Manhattan before she went back to Austin; her hometown.



She is a mother of two handsome boys who are her motivation. She wishes to give them a healthy and much better life by being their role model. Her supportive family has been with her throughout her journey and she wishes her kids would have the same support. After moving back to Austin, she continued with her practice and her business has been thriving over the past three years especially due to the loving support of her mother. As a strong, warm, caring and assertive woman, Dr. Jennifer is always ready to offer her patients the best services all the time.



Her Motivation



As a mother, Dr. Jennifer Walden has been working hard to provide for her two sons and give them a better life. She was brought up in a family where her father as a doctor and her mother was a surgical nurse. In this way, education was highly valued and this motivated her to become the successful woman she is today. She believes that the key to being successful is believing in yourself and being determined in everything you do.






She has a very deep connection with her family as well as her hometown. In this way, Jennifer decided to over her practice to Austin so she could be much closer to her family and give her sons a chance to be surrounded by them. She believes in doing things and making thing happen which is an internal drive she wishes to pass on to her kids. She is a great inspiration to other young women who wishes to pursue a course in medicine. She is grateful to have a supportive family surrounding her and her sons all the time.



The Decorated Personal, Business and Philanthropic Life of Eric Pulier

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Eric Pulier is one of the most decorated individuals in the technology industry. Aside from that he is an entrepreneur, author, businessman and philanthropist. Pulier is popular for helping startups turn into big brands selling for millions of dollars.

Pulier spent his early years in Teaneck. Since an early age, his passion for computers and technology in general, could not be hidden. He started his very first database company back when he was in fourth grade. Pulier attended Teaneck high school where he graduated in the year 1984. He proceeded to join Harvard University where he graduated in the year 1988 Magna Cum Laude.

In Harvard, Pulier majored in English & American Literature, Visual & Environmental Studies and computer science. He also worked as a columnist, writing a column for the Harvard Crimson Weekly. Having no time to spare, he also attended the neighboring Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

After completing his studies, Pulier moved to Los Angeles and started People Doing Things. This was a technological company that was aimed at addressing education and other common issues that affect societies. Three years down the line, he founded Digital Evolution. Since then, he has founded numerous companies that have become a great success including Desktone, Akana, US Interactive, just to mention a few.

Whatever innovative idea Pulier lays his hands on, success is bound to be achieved. Having amassed a lot of wealth from his ventures, Pulier finds a lot of joy in giving back to the society. He started The Painted Turtle. This is a camp, aimed at helping children suffering from chronic illnesses lead a quality life. He also donates to Xprize. Xprize is a foundation that encourages the innovation of technological solutions to help various issues suffered by mankind.

Pulier also started Starbright. This is a social media platform for children who are chronically ill. With this social media too, children can find others who suffer the same condition as they do and make friends. Starbright is connected to over 75 hospitals all over the US. It enables the use of video conferencing for enhanced communication of children with chronic illnesses.

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Why Does Securus Help Our Students?

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Securus has been helping our students for a while now that I social worker is using it for prison calling. You might think that it is strange that children are calling people in jail, but these students have parents in jail. We have a social worker in the building who is meeting with these kids often, and they can use Securus to talk to their parents who are sitting in jail. I have been very impressed with the way that this works, and I think that a child who gets to check in with their parent will be able to have a better day.


I have noticed that all these kids feel good about how they are talking to their parents, and I also know that these kids can share with their parents about their day. Having all this supervised by the social worker makes it safer for the kids, and I know that the kids feel a lot better about this simply because of the fact that they are being given a better chance of improving their daily lives. The kids are not in a position to go to the jails, but they can talk to their parents without going.


I wanted to have every kid get a chance to talk to their parents during the week, and that is why we are working with Securus every day to make these phone calls. We very much believe in helping these kids because we know that they will perform better in school and have better lives because of it. They will have more confidence in themselves, and they will know that they still have a connection to their parent. This has been very big for me, and I think that it makes all the difference in the world that we help these kids.


Brazil’s most successful business entrepreneur

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Richardo Tosto De Oliveria Carvalho has been progressing through an incredible journey of a desk worker at a law firm transitioning to owning his own firm. Carvalho has quickly become one of Brazil’s most successful entrepreneurs and expert in everything Brazilian law.

He started out in a small office cubicle just like anyone starting a career in law and worked through centenarian firms in business litigation to get his firm to be recognized as the largest and most successful in Brazil. Some of the cases that Richardo Tosto De Oliveria Carvalho and his employees helped with were crucial to the growth in popularity of the firm. There were several important individuals and companies that he defended receiving plenty of national attention.

Richardo Tosto De Oliveria Carvalho pushed large Brazilian and multinational groups to see society through a different lens and understand the limits of business. Know which practices were the most ethical.

Richardo Tosto De Oliveria Carvalho has had a lot of experience defending clients. He has seen how they all act when pressured to defend their actions. Caravalho has seen the levels of stress that these clients go through when trying to protect their credibility. He now encourages every member of his team to never go down without a good fight. Do everything you can to understand the situation that the client is in and help them get a fair ruling.

The laws and practices put in place by Richardo Tosto De Oliveria Carvalho and his team have helped the economy in numerous different ways. Laws protecting businesses and helping society grow have been used time and time again.

Richardo Tosto De Oliveria Carvalho is also leading Leite, Tosto e Barros, which pushes for objectivity and agility. He helped hire all of the employees working there. A lot of the current members that have joined entered the organization as interns or trainees.

Carvalho’s responsibilities are to see that everyone working is acting in good faith and formulate strategies to drive the firm to further growth. Richardo Tosto De Oliveria Carvalho earned a degree in Business Administration from Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation Extension and a Business Law degree from Mackenzie Presbiterian University.

Cone Marshall Limited Unfamiliar Dealings

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Cone Marshall Limited is the New Zealand’s law firm, functioning in an international community of consultants, who assist and maintain organizations in New Zealand. The company establishes joint ventures with other corporations in the endeavor to supply comprehensive property training and information. The company affords administrators, lawyers, and private banking services to other enterprises to help them represent clients. The firm also helps to establish succession, full trust, and local tax advice structures. The Law firm is controlled by Karen Marshall and Geoffrey Cone. It is a major foreign trust business in Auckland, New Zealand.

Together with other New Zealand Trustee Companies Associations, the group of four assurance firms successfully persuaded to end the IRD trust law review. Besides, the Cone Marshall Corporation has many corporation directorships in New Zealand’s register. Not all these subsidiary companies are active, and some staff members are seizing the roles of the Enterprise CEO, Geoffrey Cone, who now lives in Uruguay. The number of enterprises registered under the firm still maintains to grow with the company, representing other significant international institutions.

Recent news reports have come up following the company’s extensive networks. Standguard Nominees, one of the leading Cone Marshall companies, also holds another company that incorporates Gibraltar directors. Abacus offers financial services and is an important Gibraltar trust firm with its websites linked to New Zealand. Standguard is also mutually held by the Trident Trust Company (NZ) Ltd, with Cone Marshall as its director. Vavecic Investments Ltd, One of Trident’s companies that actually thought of having a partnership at Anchor Trustees in Auckland, is ultimately controlled by the Zurich Credit Suisse Trust.

The company’s primary Switzerland connection is by the Rothschild Trust New Zealand Ltd, based in Zurich. . Trident Trust International’s website also incorporates some useful reports on how companies are getting easier tax position from New Zealand. Cone Marshall is believed to have links and close outlets with Switzerland’s bigger players.

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The Desires of Young Professionals Met by TOWN Residential

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Buyers looking for NYC properties are often younger than they have been at any point in history. They often are bringing home big money in entertainment, sports or in family-run businesses. In the past, luxury buyers wanted homes that were finished. Alternatively, these younger buyers are often willing to transform a property themselves often turning a townhouse into a single family residence. They are demanding that homes have the latest in technology or that the home be easily retrofitted with these advances. Furthermore, they want an office as these young professionals are workaholics. They are tired of commutes and want to live in the neighborhoods where they are already working and playing, according to a recent article published in Mission Global.
Andrew Heiberger concurs with these findings saying that it is changing the way that he and other successful real estate agents are doing business. The agents at his firm, TOWN Residential, spend far fewer hours actually showing properties and many more hours visiting with clients using popular social media apps. Buyers often have their minds made up before they actually view the property today.
NYC properties in some communities demand a higher asking price than those in other communities. One of the most popular is Manhattan where rental prices continue to soar on high end units. Therefore, these young professionals often see buying as a sound investment. That way they can put sweat equity into a property making it truly their own. These professionals will often install high vaulted ceilings to showcase their modern artwork collections and construct small kitchens just off the master bedrooms. agents know that part of the key to selling properties in NYC is the ability to see beyond what is currently in place. Therefore, they often visit NYC properties many times to dream of the possibilities when helping a client. Making it convenient to do so, TOWN has offices in the most desirable parts of the city.