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Kabbalah Teachings Enhance Religious Knowledge

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Kabbalah center is an international spiritual organization that offers spiritual teachings based on the Zohar and Kabbalistic teachings. The group was first established in 1922 in Jerusalem. It has expanded to more than 50 regions worldwide.

Most people who cannot access a Kabbalah center close to their area are enrolled in an online course. Kabbalah Center online courses are in the form of live lectures, books, and download. In a week it is estimated that 5,000 users access the online materials. The education is offered by teachers from various ethnicities in the world. Click Here for Kabbalah News.

In the olden days, people often thought that Kabbalah center offered its teaching to people who had a knowledge of the Jewish religious laws. But recently, Kabbalah center is known to serve its followers from different ethnic backgrounds. Their teachings do not substitute any religion, but they are used to give a deeper understanding of faith. Kabbalah at LinkedIn.

The kabbalistic teachings often refer to various passages from the Bible. Different from other religions like Christianity, Hinduism, Islamic and Buddhism, Kabbalah followers are encouraged to seek for the light of God since God is too divine to be sought.

Everyone is connected to the essence of God (Light), but a spiritual force restricts it. For this reason, Kabbalah followers have to meditate and restrain from evil acts of hatred and violence for the light to be concealed to them. Kabbalah center believes that cosmic forces control every aspect of life.

Kabbalah Center has attracted many followers. Some of the Kabbalah followers are celebrities like Madonna, Naomi Campbell, Lindsay Lohan, Anthony Kiedis, Demi Moore Jerry Hall and much more. Most of the celebrity artists do not hold concerts on Friday night since it is a preparation day for the Shabat, a holy day. Furthermore, they wear a red band on their wrist to signify their relation with Kabbalah.

Kabbalah teachings promote peace and unity among people. According to their teachings, humankind comes from one origin. A person can not receive the essence of God while allowing some people to keep on suffering. This is the reason why followers are encouraged to donate their services to improve the quality of life. for more .

David G. McDonald Continues to Play a Vital Role in the Growth of OSI Group

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David G. McDonalds, commonly known as Dave, is an experienced business administrator and an accomplished team leader. He currently serves the OSI Group, an American-headquartered global food processing company, as president and COO.

Dave’s Career Path

Dave joined Lowa State University in 1983 to pursue a degree in Animal Science. Upon graduating in 1987, he was absorbed by OSI Group, LLC where he serves up to today. In his 30 years as an executive in the company, Dave has had an opportunity to hold many high profile roles within the food processing industry. He was at one time the project manager of OSI industries. In 2008, he assumed the role of independent director at Marfrig Global Foods S.A, a role he plays until today. Dave is also the chair of the North American Meat Institute and director of OSI International Foods (Australia) Pty. Ltd.

Dave on Improving OSI’s Sustainability

David Mcdonald OSI Group released its Global Sustainability Report for the 2016/17 fiscal year in June last year. Speaking upon the release, Dave reemphasized the company’s commitment to sustainable and responsible business practices. He added that the firm would continue to sustain its environmental resources and to empower global communities through its products. About improving OSI’s operational efficiency, he said that the company was looking at ways through which it would improve the lives of its employees.

OSI Group Acquires Baho Food

In August last year, Dave McDonald led OSI Group in the acquisition of Dutch’s leading convenience foods processing firm, Baho Food. The acquisition was a great move by OSI Group in its efforts to consolidate its client base in Netherlands and Europe at large. Speaking after signing the deal with John Balvers, managing director of Baho foods, Mr. McDonalds said that Baho products would help OSI to address its European clients’ needs more sufficiently. He also added that Baho’s five food processing facilities would strengthen OSI’s processing capacity. With a presence in 18 countries, McDonald’s was optimistic that Baho would bring with it a significant number of clients, which was in line with OSI’s business goals.

Respect Plays a Key Role in Marketing for Mullen Lowe’s Jose Henrique Borghi

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Jose Henrique Borghi has been one of the biggest names in Brazilian advertising for a number of years after he established his own advertising agency off the back of a long and distinguished career as a marketing specialist. Borghi understands the difficulties facing the marketing industry after he began his own ad agency with just two employees acting as each and every member of his fledgling agency; now a Brazilian advertising legend, Jose Borghi has seen his own agency grow into the globally recognized Mullen Lowe Brasil that has continued the trend for Jose Henrique Borghi winning numerous global awards, such as Cannes Golden Lion trophies.

In almost every aspect of the marketing and advertising industries Jose Henrique Borghi believes the need to build personal relationships between the marketing professional and their clients at all levels is hugely important. Borghi now seeks to develop a more intimate relationship with his clients than he may have done in the past when he would seek to bring every morsel of important information to a meeting. Information does, of course, play a key role in the work of Jose Henrique Borghi as he looks to chart his own success, and that of his company in a way that is easy for all to understand and more information click here.

The same building of relationships is making its way into the work of Mullen Lowe with the development of personal interactions between successful brands and their consumers forming the basis of the approach to Brazilian advertising Mullen Lowe Brasil is now undertaking. New technologies and possibilities are always at the forefront of developing a powerful relationship between brand and customer, which should make it easier for any brand to provide a powerful and emotional experience for consumers who understand how difficult building a relationship can be in the 21st century and learn more about Borghi.

Real Estate In Florida With Samuel Strauch

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Real estate is a booming business in Miami Beach, Florida and its environs. In Bay Harbor Islands in Florida, there is a condo with two bedrooms, two bathrooms and room to pack one car that is going for $349,999. The condo is 1,463 square feet and is ideally situated. Another breath taking condo situated in 2401 Collins Avenue, Apartment 1411 in Miami Beach, is going for $470,000. This condo has an ocean front, two bedrooms and bathrooms. It is 1,121 square feet and has room for parking one vehicle.

Another property at 1401 Bay Road, Apartment 412 in Miami Beach has two bedrooms and two bathrooms with ample space to park a vehicle. It occupies a space of 990 square feet. The condo is selling at $445,000. At 911 Meridian Avenue Apartment 103, Miami Beach, $185,900 will make you the proud owner of this condo with just a bathroom and a space of 420 square feet.

Samuel Strauch

Samuel Strauch has been in the real estate sector for over 13 years. His license has enabled him to close deals in the wider Miami Beach area. His completed transactions in areas such as Hollywood, Aventura and Sunny Isles Beach have gained him a good reputation in real estate in Miami Beach.

HomeLight Ranking

Owing to Samuel’s prowess he has been ranked, by HomeLight, as one of those agents who successfully sell homes and sell them fast. He rates at the top twelve percent. HomeLight points out that Samuel Straunch has over 37 completed transactions since the year 2009. Typically, Samuel Straunch works for buyers, but he has also managed to sell eight properties. It is in Miami that Samuel Straunch has made a name for himself, especially given such accomplishments as representing sellers in the sale of a condo, at 3801 Collins Avenue number 904, which fetched $889,500, in a single transaction. One buyer got a condo for $ 732, 500 at 5161 Collins Avenue number 1114.

Find more details about Samuel Strauch:

Scott Rocklage

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A Quick Glimpse Into The Life Of Scott Rocklage


When you are looking to understand the life of some of the world’s most successful business people, it is important to understand their contributions and how their success came about. A bio into the life of Scott Rocklage is an excellent way to get all that you can out of this endeavor, so that you are able to have clarity on how he has achieved this success. To look into a few of the most important steps that allowed Rocklage to thrive, consider these bullet points of information below.


Who is Scott Rocklage?


Scott Rocklage is a PhD professional who is currently serving as a managing partner of 5AM Venture Management. the same role that he has been serving in since the year 2004. He has also had several other CEO roles in companies such as EPIRUS Biopharmaceuticals and Amersham Health.


What is his educational background?


In terms of his education, Rocklage first received his bachelors of science degree from the University of California Berkeley. He went on to matriculate at the Massachusetts Institute of technology, where he would receive his PhD.


On what boards does Rocklage serve?


One of his greatest contributions is the fact that he has served on several boards. Some of the boards that Rocklage has served on include Pulmatrix, Ilypsa and Cubist Pharmaceuticals. In addition to these boards, he holds more than 30 different patents and has continuously been a contributor in peer-reviewed publications.


When you want to learn a little bit more about how professionals have made their bones in the industry, you can bet that there are always some tips and hints along the way when looking at their bio. By taking advantage of these points of information as they pertain to Dr. Scott Rocklage, you will be in a much better position to see what you need to do in order to make things happen in your life. Scott Rocklage can serve as an excellent example in this regard, due to the fact that he has continuously thrived in his career field every step of the way.

What’s with the Kabbalah Fascination for Non-Jewish Hollywood Stars?

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Kabbalah has interested other Hollywood stars after Madonna expressed her interest. The big question, however, is what could be the trigger of such an interest especially with non-Jewish Hollywood stars taking a keen interest in Jewish mysticism. The interest began with Madonna who set up and invested heavily in more than one Kabbalah center. She became interested in learning Jewish tradition. Apparently, her move attracted other stars including Paris Hilton, Elizabeth Taylor and Britney Spears not forgetting the late Marilyn Monroe, Sandra Bernhard and the late Sammy Davis. Expressing the interest is not the issue. Rather what most people question is the fact that numerous Hollywood stars would take an interest in Jewish mysticism with some even becoming converts? Click Here for Kabbalah News .

According to Sandra in an interview with the Los Angeles, she believes that Kabbalah eliminated 80% of the chaos in her life. This is something that Paris Hilton seconds in her remark to the Great Britain’s magazine as she expressed how she was able to cope with her breakup with Nick through sessions at a Kabbalah center in Los Angeles. She went ahead to say that her regular visits to the center help her deal with life. Kabbalah Centre at LinkedIn .

According to the Kabbalah website, this is an ancient wisdom providing practical tools that offer joy and lasting fulfillment. A system completely turns around life perceptions. Chabad stresses on how it is the soul of the Torah that teaches about the deepest insights on God and his interactions with the world as it reveals his purpose for creation. It comes with a comprehensive, overall structure of the world that provide a detailed understanding of life.

However, not all stars are attracted to Kabbalah because of its problem-solving nature. For Sammy Davis, his intent was to become part of a 5000-year-old history and tap into the Jewish strength that has intensified over the years.

About Kabbalah Center

This is a nonprofit organization in LA, California. It offers lessons on Zohar and Kabbalah teachings online. It has regional and city based classes to enable worldwide studies. It is a multi-ethnic center.

Traditionally rabbis believed that Kabbalah was so complex that only male students over 40 years could be taught. Some traditions at the center prevail as a way of preserving Judaism culture. for more .

Boraie Development: Building Community

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The Boraie family has long been an integral part of the New Jersey business community. However, they also are important in helping to build other aspects of our community, especially in their home of New Brunswick. The Boraie family has passed their values of service and altruism to a new generation of family leadership. Sam Boraie is part of this legacy.

The Historic State Theater

The historic State Theater in New Brunswick has long offered a variety of cultural and artistic opportunities to people in the community. Boraie Development, under the leadership of Sam Boraie, is a major sponsor of many of the theater’s events. This summer, the theater will present children’s symphonies as well as family-friendly Broadway musicals at affordable prices to people in the area.

Several local children’s dance schools will have the stage to show off their new skills over the summer. In addition, the State Theater will offer free movies throughout the summer for families to attend. Because of donations from Boraie Development, this theater can encourage local families to experience theater both as performers and audience members, helping to build creativity and engagement with the arts. This is an integral part of the New Brunswick arts scene.

Promises for the Future

While cultural opportunities are important, many families in the New Brunswick area struggle with more immediate needs. Sam Boraie helps to meet these needs in his role as a member of the advisory board for the nonprofit Elijah’s Promise. Elijah’s Promise offers food to needy families in New Brunswick. In addition, the nonprofit holds classes that train local people in food service and the culinary arts so they can enter the workforce in these fields. With the help of community members such as Sam Boraie, Elijah’s Promise is working to feed the needy while also advocating for healthy and sustainable food practices.

Boraie Development builds new houses and buildings every day. However, they also work to build the New Brunswick community. Giving back and caring for others are two of the core values of this New Jersey family business.

Visit the company website

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The Importance of Entertaining Education for Kids

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Studying can be deceptively stressful sometimes. Teachers all around the country and even in most schools in the world try to use recreation and fun lessons to keep young students at a very young age entertained and always learning as a result. According to a study, 2 in 3 schools struggle to keep kids entertained, and that results in worse results over time.


Keeping kids younger than six years old at a calm state of mind is important because, many times, they miss their parents. In a state of angriness or sadness, students can’t learn anything and will just hinder the whole class experience.


That is why there are many groups trying to develop new ways to utilize technology to find solutions for this kind of problem. An example would be the recent partnership between ClassDojo, a team that creates apps for classroom communication with teachers, parents, students, and Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence. This partnership is intended to utilize the technological development of ClassDojo and makes a program where students are asked to do some things to allow them to enter a calm, peaceful state of mind.

The program will regulate the children’s emotions and try to avoid any state of mind that would hinder their development inside the class.


The solution will not only be applied to schools around the U.S., but they also intend on using this method around the world, to promote a better learning experience.


ClassDojo is especially excited about the project because of their philosophy of revamping classrooms to make them much more “awesome” and engaging with their communication platform. For ClassDojo and the developers inside the company, learning, for kids, needs to be an entertaining experience.


The group is comprised of engineers, IT experts, and educators of quality that are steadily working to improve the educational system.

How To Succeed And Inspire Equality

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Susan McGalla is someone who is an example of succeeding in the business world. She has paid little to no attention to her gender. She has instead decided to focus on work and doing everything possible to bring the company she works for to greater levels of success. She did not entertain the idea of being entitled to anything on account of her gender. She has instead decided that she is going to find jobs that she is passionate about working in. Then she is going to excel in her field so that she can bring forth better results in her career.


She is also a speaker that advises women on what they can do in order to succeed in the business world. She has made it clear that it takes passion, hard work, versatility and confidence in order to succeed. Among the best ways to gain these four traits is to find a job one is passionate about. However, one could also achieve that by creating the type of work she wants by being an entrepreneur. One thing that is very helpful to her is her upbringing. She was raised as a person. She was not raised by her father as a girl.


One of the reasons that she was so successful as a woman was that she has worked in jobs that she was passionate about. Therefore, she had no time to look at her gender and what her gender was entitled to. Even if she did have time, she chose not to entertain those ideas. She has smiled and did the work knowing full that it was what it took to advance to higher position.


Susan McGalla is not only an example to follow for other women, she is also someone other people in disadvantaged positions could learn from. She has shown that one can advance to higher positions through hard work. She has shown that it is not necessary to sit and complain about one’s own position. Susan McGalla has went from working for various companies to starting her own successful business in which she provides strategic marketing for the Pittsburgh Steelers. She is one of the business owners that is taking society much closer to equality.

Read more about Susan McGalla:

End Citizens United Wants To Fight For Democracy

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A Fight For Our Democracy

The decisions of the End Citizens United case have changed how Americans must live their lives for the worst. For seven years we have had to deal with corporations using their wealth to influence politics because the Supreme Court of the United States decided that corporate donations were a form of free speech. This has an actual effect on your daily life in many ways.



How This Affects You

Citizens United makes it difficult for those who can’t afford to pump millions into political battles to have their voices heard. Needless to say that includes the vast majority of Americans. Since the introduction of Citizens United billionaires such as the Koch Brothers have done everything they can to enact an agenda favoring the rich at the expense of the poor. If these continues on, we will see much of what makes America the great country it is disappear. Fortunately, there is a way for you to stop this. End Citizens United aims to do just that in America.



What End Citizens United Wants To Do

End Citizens United is leading a grass roots movement to change the ruling and to give politicians who promise to fight against this a chance at office. It needs the help of everyday citizens like yourself to win, but it has the chance to do something that is going to make things better. There is a serious need for everyday people to do something about the state of the country they live in. If you want to make a difference, supporting End Citizens United is the best way to make sure that the billionaires are not able to take control of Washington.



There Is Too Much To Lose

The failure to reverse Citizens United will have serious consequences. In the 7 years since the introduction of that decision we have seen countless attempts to raise taxes on the middle class in order to support tax cuts for the wealthy and we have seen politicians insisting on deregulation of everything possible. This country wasn’t made powerful by elitists taking everything from everyone else. It was made powerful by ordinary people like ourselves.



What Impact Is This Having?

The success of End Citizens United is already having a massive impact. It has raised $4 million, but it is expected to raise $35 million when this is all said and done. We need to act now and do everything possible to make sure that our country is in our control. End Citizens United is creating the perfect movement to make sure that we are able to keep control of our country and the direction we are headed.


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