At a time when the nation is getting fairly worried about the persistent threat that Ebola could present, the CDC is not doing itself any favors. Before nurse Amber Vinson, the second to be diagnosed in the US, flew commercially to Cleveland last week, she asked the CDC multiple times for permission.

Despite the fact that she was beginning to show the first symptoms of the virus, she was allowed to fly. Which means everybody that she came into contact with on the flight, as well as in Cleveland could now be at risk for Ebola infection.

She repeatedly called the CDC, to tell them that she was running a fever of about 99.5 degrees. But because she didn’t fall into the risk range of 100.4 degrees at the time, they let her fly. Considering she had a fever, after having direct contact with an Ebola patient…probably should have waited that one out for a few days.

Need to see the CDC do much better, because right now Igor Cornelsen does not have a lot of faith, and I’m right up there with him.