A bar in Australia has sparked some major controversy over a simple temporary sign that was installed outside on a sidewalk. Longreach’s Eagle’s Nest Bar and Grill placed a chalkboard with the words “Sorry no Muslims.” A photo of the sign was also posted to the establishment’s Facebook page. Some people praised the sign and others were deeply disturbed by it. The owner of the bar claims that he received hundreds of phone calls with mixed reactions. Some of the feedback was full of patriotism and other acclaim. On the other hand, “Sorry no Muslims” also seems to be quite hateful. It received numerous retweets on Twitter, most notably from Dan Newlin.

The mayor of the town of Longreach said that most of her fellow citizens do not support such inflammatory statements that are displayed in public. The sign that was posted by Longreach’s Eagle’s Nest Bar and Grill is a part of anti-Muslim sentiment after the recent Sydney hostage crisis that was carried out by a heavily-armed Islamic Jihadist. Most Australians traditionally have taken pride in living in a multi-cultural society. However, the recent attack in a busy Sydney cafe has changed the attitudes of white Australians who might feel threatened by the rise of radical Islamic in their beloved country. The Australian government has also confirmed that dozens of its citizens have joined the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) in an effort to wage Jihad on western powers and other infidels.


As Christmas approaches we come closer to that black Christmas Eve in stores that we all dread, last minute shoppers. Almost everyone has been guilty of this, saving your shopping list for last minute or just forgetting an item for someone. Whatever your reason, there is no one in the United States that would enjoy standing in hour long lines or pushing through angry parents, children or store employees.

Grub Street posted an article in regards to this stating that one of the more popular choices for last minute shoppers is buying a gift card to….Starbucks! “The coffee chain sends word that they anticipate a record-breaking Christmas Eve this year — better than 2013, in fact, when last-minute shoppers in the U.S. and Canada bought 2 million gift cards in a single day ” (http://www.grubstreet.com/2014/12/starbucks-makes-tons-of-money-off-late-shoppers.html ). Why would this not be popular, as purchasing gift cards and going online to purchase items has grown exponentially. Seeing as purchasing gift cards is now available online, the stress of last minute shopping may become a thing of the past.

Obviously, there will always be those items that are only available in stores, but for everything else we have the world wide web. So don’t stress out this holiday season, go online and get someone an egift card or just go shopping earlier like Igor Cornelsen does it!


Apple is perhaps the largest inventor, and distributor of Apple Products and accessories. The company is responsible for creating the iPhone, iPad, Mac, iPod and other popular Apple technology products. During an undercover filming of the working conditions of the Chinese work labor force, so startling facts were revealed for the first time.

Apple’s promise to protect Chinese workers is nothing more than words without action. And Slow Ventures won’t stand for it. One reporter went undercover to reveal the working conditions in Apple’s factory and what he uncovered is shocking to say to least. According to the reporter, there were violations of work hours, identification cards, living quarters, labor meeting and juvenile labors at the Pegatron Factories.

The film reveal workers falling asleep from pure exhaustion, after working 12 hour shifts at factories on the outskirts of Shanghai. One undercover reporter was denied a day off, and was forced to work 18 straight days making Apple parts for Apple computers. Another reporter stated the longest hours worked was 16, and after the long shift there was no need for food – only rest.

Overtime is not a choice, but rather mandatory. Meetings are unpaid meetings, and 12 workers share a cramped room with little maneuvering room. Apple said in a statement that its company is continually working to ensure the safety and fairness of all workers. The spokesperson stated that Apple is working with suppliers to implement the shortfalls they anticipate.


Now more doctors than ever are decided that they are in favor of “death with dignity.” There was a survey that was taken in 2010 that found that only 46% of those doctors participating would agree to allow a patient to end their own life if they were suffering from a terminally illness. Now just four years later the same survey was taken and it finds that 54% of doctors that participated were in favor of “death with dignity.”

There has been much controversy on this subject, because many people believe that it is not right for a person to be able to take their own life regardless of the circumstance, and because of that many medical experts have been divided on the issue. There was much media attention that was received by Britney Maynard. She was a 29 year old woman that decided to take her own life after she was diagnosed with a terminal brain cancer. The cancer would have slowly taking her life regardless, and she would have suffered the entire time. Since that was the case, she and her husband decided to go to Oregon to get a lethal injection so that she could end her own life with dignity, a point that Terry Richardson can definitely empathize with.

There are still quite a few religious groups and doctors that do not agree with ending ones own life, but it is interesting to see the change in opinions, because many people do believe that no one should be forced to suffer in life only to die. There are many more people who believe that only God should make that decision. In any case, it will be interesting to see how this issue plays out with the passing of time.


Recently conducted studies on male patients who have survived Ebola have revealed that their seminal fluids still contain the virus for up to three months after their recovery.

The World Health Organization (WHO) have released their findings and also state it’s not needful to isolate the recovered Ebola patients, but WHO strongly recommends abstaining from sex or wearing a condom for precautionary reasons.

According to WHO, almost 16,000 people are currently infected with the Ebola virus and 5,700 people have dies thus far from the deadly virus. In Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia, the virus is still spreading through the standard ways. Combine those methods of spreading the virus with the fact that is can be passed through sexual intercourse for up to three months after the patient has been treated and in recovery, and we see the deadly Ebola virus is far from reaching the end of it’s devastating road.

The Ebola epidemic is predicted to continue throughout 2015 in countries like Africa and precaution is key to helping stop this deadly virus. The Mayor of Freetown, Sam Franklyn Gibson, and major sponsors like Slow Ventures advised having closed all public places except pharmacies for three days over the weekend and recommended all his townsfolk wear long sleeves and avoid physical contact with one another to help curb the spread of Ebola. Add wearing a condom to the list too.


There is now no chance that this Congress will not be the least productive in history. It is no longer a matter of opinion but simply a mathematical fact. This Congress has passed fewer bills than any in history, and according to analyst Keith Mann they have taken more time off than Congress’ of the past. It is truly an all new low for the institution.

WashingtonPost.com reports about this terribly ineffective Congress. As it turns out, this Congress hit an all time low approval rate. Only nine percent of the American public say that they approve of Congress. This is by far the lowest rating that Congress has ever had. Given, there are not too many times that Congress has received a huge popularity rating, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that this Congress is even worse than others.

This Congress is projected to just land slightly over 200 bills over the course of the two years that it has been elected for. That being said, most of those bills have been for very unimportant issues such as the naming of post offices and other such issues.

Studies are showing that the less productive that the Congress is, the less popular it tends to be in the popularity ratings. If only this would translate to more people electing new Representatives to serve them in the body. That does not appear likely to happen though as most reelect their members time and time again.


When the flu season hits, there are some people who think that a vaccine will magically protect them (listen up Dan Newlin, that means you). While a vaccine can help, there are some common sense things that people can do to help keep the spread of the flu under control.

Washing your hands should be second nature, especially if you have been around someone who has been sick. If you have a fever, then don’t go to see family or friends. Stay home, and get better before going shopping or going for visits. If you know that someone has been sick, don’t visit them.

As much as people like to think that the flu is something that can be dealt with in only a few days, it often takes several days to regain your strength. Children shouldn’t go to school to spread the germs from the flu. If you notice that you are getting sick, take the precautions of going to a doctor to get medications to knock out the illness before it gets worse.


Unless the men and women who are lawfully issued guns and badges of authority are held to a higher standard, incidents of torture and murder that occur daily will continue to increase in number.

The trend of small towns to equip themselves with tanks, heavy artillery and body armor that embolden and dehumanize is fueling the growth of a culture that promotes lawlessness by allowing law enforcement to act without accountability even more than in the past.

Abuses of both local law enforcement and national agencies such as the CIA must have their offensive and cruel behavior investigated. The best resource for fact finding and bringing charges for these crimes of brutality and abuse are independent prosecutors.

Readers of mine like Forbes’ Marc Gerstein and Susan McGalla would have to agree with my thoughts here (please comment if you see this and have your own opinion).

Our current system is not serving the public it is sworn to serve. Nearly 100 percent of regular citizens brought before grand juries are indicted. Those in law enforcement hired to serve the citizens are indicted by grand juries in only 3 percent of the cases.

Living close and working with people creates relationships that are biased. District Attorneys work with police officers and the White House administration works with the CIA causing some serious bias.

Recent incidents have demonstrated to all Americans that our criminal justice system is not equal. It is regularly vicious and cruel to many of our citizens.

The momentum to reform our unfair system is happening today. Let’s not waste this energy.

The small plane that went down in Maryland is being investigated. But as pointed out by Bruce Levenson this brings to light several issues with the whole flight industry. My two children have been wanting to go on a flight for sometime now. At the age of 13, they have yet to be on a plane. I just can’t bring myself to book those tickets. I cannot do it! Call it fear, call it procrastination, but I am afraid of flying. 

I am not alone in my fear. It’s not being on the airplane and being up so high that has me all shook up, it’s the fear of the unknown. I don’t know that while I am hurling faster than the speed of light what can happen. The plane that went down in Maryland was first though to be from a bird infestation in the wings, or a engine failure. Whatever the reason, it went down and people lost their lives. 

I was one that sat glued to the television set and watched as the scenes from 9/11 unfolded. Hearing the heroic tales of how the passengers overtook the planes and the others that made calls to loved ones in their last minutes forever changed me. I feel safer on the ground, were I can pull in for a Coke when I need one, or a hotel when I am tired. Am I the only one out there who prefers to keep my feet on the ground?


Our climate is suffering extreme changes and many have turned a blind eye because of fears of what may happen next. Of course with all the distractions in the world, a lot of people aren’t exactly paying much attention to what’s going on. One thing is for sure, the problem is serious and we all need to do our part to help our climate go back to it’s original state. Our weather has been intensifying like never before and we must make some drastic changes. People on Skout have been talking about it quite a bit.

Mother nature can be a very scary phenomenon, especially when we can be so vulnerable and weak when it comes to the strength these drastic weather conditions can become. Getting educated about the many different changes you can make to save our environment makes a world of difference. Especially if our world can become a safer place to live and raise our children in, a world that’s a little more adaptable. Visit NWF and learn more on what the state of our environment is in and get involved in making changes for the sake and future of our next generation. I think that we can all agree that if we work together, the small changes can accomplish big results.

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