Eric Lefkofsky is an entrepreneur as well as a philanthropist who has made a real difference in every project he undertakes.

Growing up in Southfield, Michigan, Eric studied at the University of Michigan and graduated with honors. Afterward leaving that institution of learning, he received his Doctorate Degree in Law at the University of Michigan Law School.

He did not wait to finish school before he started pursuing business ventures. While at the University of Michigan, he started a carpet flooring business. Leaving Law School, he and a friend, name Brad Keywell, received loans from family members to purchase a clothing store called Brandon Apparel.

Lefkofsky repeated his process in multiple start-ups, including the most recognized Groupon. A global ecommerce market, Groupon linked individuals with merchants in their location. They offered people discounts and bargains on trips, services, goods and more. Eric left his CEO role at Groupon in 2015 to do more things that are wonderful.

In 2016, he co-created as well as functions as the CEO of the medical tech company called Tempus. mission is to customized health care through analyzing DNA, to fit the needs of each patient. There is no one size fit all medicine done at this place. Doctors and researchers work together to treat various cancer conditions.

Eric Lefkofsky is involved in so many community projects including:

The Lefkofsky Foundation – This organization is an umbrella for more than 50 charities, with the emphasis on children. Supporting them through education and science globally is the primary goal.

The Children’s Memorial Hospital – Eric is on the board of director at this Chicago based pediatric institution.

The Giving Pledge – This is a crusade to call wealthy individuals to give to worthy causes doing their lifetime or have a plan in place to donate their money to philanthropic initiatives after they are deceased.  Click on for more updates.

This is just a few of the activities in which he participates. It seems each year he adds more to his enterprises and charitable help arsenal.

In his spare time, Eric Lefkofsky enjoys spending time relaxing and playing with his family.

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